We have built our cities and architectural works that make our cities more livable with the imagination of our ancient civilization. We have adorned our cities like lace with unique outputs of aesthetics of TurkishIslamic thought and genetic geometrical intelligence integrated with art; what makes our cities pertain to us is undoubtedly our mosques.

Nowadays, we build new mosques with the help of skilled craftsmen who perform Turkish-Islamic-Art by placing our past, which brought us into being, and our imagination of the future on common ground. Mosque Build Yapı, which was founded by us, is also a “building” in which those competent craftsmen are together. Mosque Build Yapı, which was founded in 2009, has built 130 mosques, that have been reconciled with the ancient spirit and cultural texture of our cities, so far.

I can say that I have spent my life was in mosque constructions; I have been performing the family profession from father to son since my childhood; I am a Nakkash (decoration artist). However, I undertake the whole project of a new mosque built by Mosque Build, not just the decoration works; with a professional and most importantly competent team, I carry out all stages of the project from design to carpeting. Therefore, Mosque Build Yapı has a big team. The masters we collaborate with have one thing in common; almost all of them have big workshops all over Anatolia where they carry out their father’s profession. The most important feature that makes Mosque Build Yapı unique is its ability to access qualified masters. Due to the responsibility it overtakes and its strategic posture, it accesses the top names of the profession, wherever they are. For stone and marble, tiling, woodwork, stained glass, decoration, finial, calligraphy, and more works, it collaborates with meticulous and competent craftsmen who are loyal to the basic teachings of Turkish-Islamic ornamental arts and who have its long-established background. I can say that I have worked in more than 600 buildings during my professional life.

In addition to training and on-site survey, we strive to reach all available written and oral resources for “saying something new”. Therefore, we have established a research and archive center within Mosque Build Yapı. We aim to achieve almost no difference between the architectural project and the completed work in each unit. To achieve this goal, Mosque Build Yapı receives professional support besides its competent expertise from project stage to delivery, from design to the fitness of the design to the purpose, for the selection the competent craftsman with references and the ability to perform art to whom each unit shall be entrusted, determining the materials to be used, their selection and quality, conformity to specifications, infrastructure works at site, architectural and technical supervision. Mosque Build Yapı will continue to build the mosques, which meet the religious and social needs and re-blends the ancient and present architectural understanding, with the support of skilled artisans to whom the project is entrusted.

Süleyman Yoncalık