Could you tell us about the mosque construction masters and your equipment

Mosque Build has been working with its expert team to leave quality and aesthetic works in the mosque construction sector for years.

In mosque construction, the Turkish style is the strongest, aesthetic and quality school in the world. You can’t find anything more special than Turkish masters and Turkish mosque style in terms of mosque construction and decoration in the world.

Mosque construction is a process in which dozens of options that require mastery are brought together. In each category, magnificent works emerge that complement each other. Mosque Build brings together these different designs with a real composition and builds mosques that give peace to the eyes and hearts.

Of course, the biggest reason for this success is our masters. They serve with the intense knowledge and experience inherited from their fathers and even their grandfathers. Each of our masters creates marvelous works by combining the deep lines of the past with modern possibilities. Sometimes we even immortalize our mosques by choosing among our masters who are differentiated in a category. For example, in the construction of minarets, we choose from our masters who are experienced in different fields from the Ottoman or Seljuk or North African schools.

Materials used in mosque construction; are the best, quality and aesthetic materials in the field. We always try to offer the most reasonable solutions according to the economic situation of the project.

Considering the economic costs, Mosque Build generally transports mosque materials from Turkey to the country where the mosque will be built. Here, the possibilities in the relevant country can be evaluated.

Mosque Build does this work with love with its masters and all its expert team.

If you want to build a mosque to leave masterpieces for decades after, you should definitely meet us.

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