Our effort is based on beautifying the earth. Every stone we put into the plain of the world should be in harmony with the general harmony and the perfect design of the nature. For those who observe this rigor, the space occupied by a building regardless of its type turns into the trust of the creator of the earth.

This is the essence of the trust that is ordered to be given to the people for us. So much so that; we are building ordinary places of worship, not ordinary buildings. As such, the type, shape, decoration of each stone that we will put on earth, the work of the creator, is much more important to us. Safety should be shaped and raised in competent hands.

Every worship built by Mosque Build  is also trying to beautify the earth. Every stage of this effort is overcome with competent hands. All employees of the units that make up Mosque Build, such as Project Directorate, Architectural Design and Application, Tezyini Arts Workshop, Manufacturing, Architecture and Archive Archive; Competent hands in the awareness of trust with their training, field and project experiences.