How much does it cost to build a mosque in Dubai?

You want to have a mosque built in Dubai, but if you are wondering about the cost; We analyzed the financial dimension of building a mosque in Dubai for you.

How much does it cost to build a mosque in Dubai?The first question you should ask when you decide to build a mosque: The mosque will have capacity. Whatever plan you implement, the capacity of the mosque will directly affect your cost. Also note that some models may not match your mosque capacity. For example, it is worth remembering that it is difficult to implement some gigantic mosque projects in 100-200-person mosques.

park mosque drone

Our Park Mosque model can be designed as 170m2, 180 Men and 20 Women. Including a small mosque fountain, its estimated price is 550,000€-650,000€. The building height is 5.8 meters. If a wooden mosque of this size and features is considered, the estimated price is 450,000€-550000€. These prices are estimated values to give you an idea. These prices may differ at the time you read this article. Each mosque has a different story and a separate budget.

You decide on the capacity. So how should the functionality of your mosque be? Will the mosque be in the form of an Islamic Cultural Center? Will there be a large library next to it? Will it be a relaxing green space work for Dubai? These details may tire you, but the experienced staff of Mosque Build will offer you all kinds of advice on this matter.

Let’s move on to our other issue: Have you decided on the architecture of your mosque? Do you want to be inspired by historical Ottoman mosques? Or do you like the North African mosque style? Should the minarets of your mosque be round or rectangular? Deciding on the mosque dome style will change the costs. If you want a more economical solution, you can even build a mosque without a dome. etc…

We determined our capacity, we also decided which architectural style our mosque will have. Now we will start the construction work. Of course, we have to calculate the construction conditions in Dubai very well and arrange the costs accordingly. Here, together with you, Mosque Build’s expert field teams will make the most reasonable construction planning. Have no doubt.

We have finished the construction, but the construction of the mosque in Dubai is starting now. Because these are the places that require mastery.

The choice of mosque mihrab and pulpit is very important. We will approach artistically when choosing the most suitable mihrab and pulpit for interior design of the mosque. But we will never forget the economic dimension of the business.

The area and quality of the tiles you will use in the mosque directly affect the costs. We recommend you to use the best quality Turkish tiles in the world.

Calligraphy in the mosque is an art that requires mastery. When you meet the masters who will perform this art in the best way, you will have to allocate reasonable budgets for these aesthetic works of gold leaf.

Marble and wooden workmanship in the mosque affect the life of the mosque. Here you will have to choose the option that best fits your budget. Our expert research team will provide you with great convenience here as well.

Of course, you can’t do without a fountain outside the mosque. In many historical mosques, fountains are the aesthetic complements of mosques. For the mosque you will have built in Dubai, a very beautiful, aesthetic and ostentatious fountain will suit your budget.

In short, when you want to build a mosque for Dubai, you will have a lot of questions and problems. But Mosque Build family is always with you.

You imagine Mosque Build to make your dreams come true…

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