How much does it cost to build a mosque? Perhaps this is the first question you ask when you decide to have a mosque built. You want to build a beautiful mosque to worship Allah. But there are so many details that you are confused. Mosque Build has been working for years to help you with this…

How much does it cost to build a mosque

What are the factors affecting the cost of building a mosque?

  • Mosque planning
  • Land selection
  • The size of the mosque
  • The choice of functionality of the mosque
  • The rough construction preference of the mosque
  • Dome architecture
  • The number of minarets and their architecture
  • Interior decoration of mosque
  • Line selection inside the mosque
  • Raw material and workmanship preference of interior items such as mihrab and minbar
  • Raw material and workmanship preference of the doors and windows to be used in the mosque
  • Other factors such as fountain, landscaping
  • Staff wages
  • Accommodation etc. expenses of the staff
  • Transportation costs for products likely to come from different countries
  • Legal payments due to government.
  • Climatic conditions
  • Changes in global raw material prices
  • Other factors
park mosque drone

Our Park Mosque model can be designed as 170m2, 180 Men and 20 Women. Including a small mosque fountain, its estimated price is 550,000€-650,000€. The building height is 5.8 meters. If a wooden mosque of this size and features is considered, the estimated price is 450,000€-550000€. These prices are estimated values to give you an idea. These prices may differ at the time you read this article. Each mosque has a different story and a separate budget.

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How much does it cost to build a mosque?

First of all, you should know that the conditions of the country where you will build a mosque will affect the cost of the mosque from the very beginning. In other words, do not forget that a mosque with the features you would have built in England can be built in Dubai at a different cost.

Dozens of criteria are taken into account when calculating the cost of mosque construction. Under each criterion, different criteria may emerge that cannot be determined over time. For example; mosque land. Mosque land may not appear as a cost for the construction you plan to start in an area that will be gifted to the mosque. However, when it turns out that that land is not suitable for worship for various reasons, you may have to buy a new land and suddenly you can increase the construction costs of mosques at incredible rates.

Land selection in mosque construction is very costly. Our suggestion regarding the selection of land, provided that it fits your budget: It should be a place that the Muslim community can easily reach. We think you know that places like the city center and road junctions increase the functionality of the mosque.

First of all, you have to make a decision: Will you build an economic mosque or a masterpiece? Because there is an incredible economic gap between them.

How much is it to build a mosque?

Let’s talk about what we should do for a beautiful mosque with a modest budget.

The first thing we have to ask is how many people will we build a mosque. We need to find the most reasonable number suitable for the current structure of Islamic society. Although large mosques have a magical atmosphere, remember that as the square meter of construction increases, the money you will pay will also increase.

Functionality is very important in terms of cost. Do you want to build a small mosque on the side of the road where Muslims can only pray? Or do you want to build an Islamic cultural center where conferences will be held and social activities will be held for Muslims as well as prayers?

After finding answers to the functionality and square meter questions, we can move on to the architectural part of our mosque. Here, too, the decision is yours: If you are a fan of Ottoman artifacts, you can either opt for huge mosques with large arches or have them built in smaller and more modest mosques. Our experienced architect staff will guide you in this regard. As Mosque Build, we will work to prepare you the best quality and most economical solutions for every choice you make.

The number of minarets is directly related to the mosque architecture. In large mosques, you can consider more than two minarets. This number can go up to four or six. But remember that minaret increase will cost you extra serious money. You can choose between the oval minaret style, like Ottoman masterpieces, and very beautiful options from the square or rectangular minaret school. Cami Yapı will help you design the most suitable and economical minaret for your mosque with its visual design support.

Interior decoration of mosque is the most expensive part of mosque construction

One of the biggest parts of the cost of mosque construction is the decoration inside the mosque. A simple mosque decoration can reduce costs. But the extreme workmanship in the decoration of the mosque will add a different atmosphere to you in the mosque. Of course, you should also consider your economic balance well.

Minbar and mihrab craftsmanship is an area that requires a lot of expertise. You can evaluate marble, tile or wood options according to your mosque architecture. You should know that wood is economical but less durable and less protected against fires. You should be very careful in choosing a master in these areas. The choice of master will challenge you as much as the material. Good thing there is Mosque Build. We will try to advise you on this until the end.

Calligraphy is the indispensable ornament of a mosque. When you examine the great mosques in Islamic civilization, you will see very aesthetic calligraphy. You can place this visual feast in your mosques.

The quality of the materials used in calligraphy can determine the longevity of the calligraphy. You can obtain long-term calligraphy by choosing quality products in your mosques. The mastery of the calligraphers who wrote the calligraphy directly affects the quality of the calligraphy on the mosque walls. Therefore, you should be very careful in choosing a calligrapher. Mosque Build will provide you with a wide selection of painters, along with their past works. Trust us and work with top quality craftsmen…

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The design of the windows to be used for the mosque is the factor that determines your costs. If you choose normal windows, you can choose more economical solutions. If you want to experience a feast of colorful colors inside the mosque, you can choose fresco windows dating back centuries. You should know that there are different types of Fresco windows. So not every fresco window is a fresco window. Since the construction techniques are very different, you should be very careful in choosing fresco windows. Mosque Build will provide you with strong support with its expert staff on Fresco window mastery and construction methods.

It is the doors that welcome you at the first entrance of a mosque. You should insist on aesthetics and quality for wooden products used in the mosque, especially in doors and other areas.

There are many other options in mosque and masjid construction such as carpets and chandeliers. We will provide you with all kinds of support in examining them one by one and choosing the most reasonable and economical combination according to your mosque architecture.

How much does it cost to build a masjid?

Although they come from different word origins, mosque and masjid refer to the same place of worship.
For this reason, all the statements we have explained above regarding the construction costs of mosques are valid for the construction costs of masjids.
If masjids like Turkey are seen as smaller mosques, maybe they can be built at less cost due to the absence of elements such as pulpit and mihrab inside the masjid.


Tell us about your dream mosque and we will offer you the most economical, high quality and aesthetic solution…

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We can do it ourselves cheaper. Why should we give this construction to you?

We often encounter this question when meeting with our customers. The answer to this question is hidden in the works we have done so far. Most of our customers, who ask this question, are now among our reference works.
Anyone can do a job, but few do it as a masterpiece.

We would like to discuss our project face to face. Can you come to our country?

At the initial stage, we conduct our meetings online. After a certain maturity, we can come to your country for field research and interviews if necessary.

Do all basic things like master and construction materials have to come from Turkey?

Of course no. We also evaluate your local resources in the construction of the mosque. In this way, we minimize the construction costs of mosques. The important thing here is quality. We will never compromise on it.