Mosque architecture designs shows similarities because of theirfeatures. While making the design, there are some elements that we evaluate. Common techniques like rotation and scale are used in masjid design.

Common techniques like scale, rotation, translation and mirror enable to create a pattern. In these patternsgeometric shapes are scaling, rotating, etc. according to a certain dimension. It is possible to see that kind of mosque patterns at the most beautiful structures.

You can create unique patterns and structures with our expert staff.

It is necessary to understand the architectural design to understand mosque architecture design.

What Is the Architectural Design?

Modern mosque design, is made up with a large number of specific disciplines. So, while looking at architectural design, we cannot only look at the constructive part: In architectural design, usage of space and aesthetic aspects. İt is possible to find the most suitable look easily with our experienced staff.

There are lots of factors in architectural design like trends. In mosques, these trends and geometric forms are used for creatin a new project. While the designs are made, functional spaces or specific ways of using volumes draw attention in the design. All of the designs are generally used in the main feature of Islamic architecture.

Main Features of Islamic Architecture

Mosque interior design is made according to worship kinds. The purpose of a mosque is providing a place that Muslims can prostrate and perform salat together. Pray can made anywhere as long as the place is clean. Even so, praying in a mosque gives people a community sense.

Three common elements and features of Architecture in general; The splendor is simplicity and robustness.

The most attractive and defining features of Islamic mosque design are; The mosques are designed in a domed architecture, they have a large and spacious interior concept, they have a design that amazes people inside and outside the mosque, they are magnificent handicrafts and minaret designs.

In the early years of Islam, mud brick was used in the construction of mosques. As Islamic architecture progressed, stone mosques became more prominent. Regionally, wood is used in the construction of mosques. Today, concrete and its derivatives are frequently used in modern Islamic architecture.

There are many parts and elements that make up the mosque. These can be counted as: Mosque Doors, Carpet, Muezzin Mahfili, Mihrab, Minbar, Kursi, Decoration inside and outside the Mosque, Chandelier, Dome, Mosque Windows, Minaret, Fountain.

All mosques have a certain feature in common for able to give community sense. You can trust us for production and stonework of these features. Mosques have 4 characteristic features. These are: Mihrab, Minaret, Dome and Sahn.

1-Mihrab (Niche)

Mihrab is one of the essential elements of a mosque. That’ why mosque mihrab design is so important in architectural design. Mihrab is the wall that specify the direction of Mecca that is the birth place of Prophet Muhammed.

Mihrab place can be change according to city by city. For instance, a mihrab in India can be at the west while the other one in Egypt is at the east. It is because of the geographic location of the city. Wherever the mosque is, its direction will be towards Mecca.

2-Minaret (Tower)

Minaret architecture has the most visible aspect in the mosque. It looks like a tower attached to a mosque from far away. Also it is the place which is the sect leader making the call to the prayer. Minaret forms can be change according to design. Even, it is possible to see a spiral minaret. Except that, minaret gives a powerful vision and reminds the presence of Islam

3-Qubba (Dome)

Qubba is an important main feature in a mosque. It is possible to see more than one qubba in mosques. It is not necessary for ritual like the mihrab but it is a significance within the mosque. Dome is like a symbolic representation in heaven.

At Qubba, generally same designs are used. These designs are made by geometric, stellate and vegetal motifs. As a result of using all of these symbols, qubba turn into a special and breathtaking design.

4-Sahn (Courtyard)

Sahn is the place that serve the most fundamental necessity of a mosque. It is able to hold all of the male population of a town. For be able to hold entire people, mosques should have an open courtyard. Also there is a fountain that people can clean ritually before praying.

Mosque Decoration

Mosque design, can be made with a lot of materials. There are so many decorative elements in common and calligraphy is one of them. Calligraphy is a decorative handwriting with handwritten letters. Also hanging lamps can be used for the decoration of a mosque. Light and calligraphy is one of the essential characterictic for mosques. It is possible to see these materials at so many place.

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