Mosque and masjid construction is seen as a great worship to get closer to Allah for Muslims. The superior virtue of building mosques and masjids is mentioned in many verses of the Qur’an and Hz. Muhammed’s hadiths. So, what should we pay attention to while constructing mosques which is so important?

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Things to Know Before Starting Mosque of Construction

As in everything else, the first thing to do in mosque and masjid construction is to start with pure intention. It should not be forgotten that success and results are only at the discretion of Allah. Also, there are other things to consider to be successful.

Make sure that all permissions for the mosque construction have been obtained from the official institutions. Confirm that the land location chosen and legal processes have been completed. We would like to remind you that mosque construction is an economically challenging process. You need to make a good team for the best solution.

Another thing that should be considered technically; drawings of mosque projects definitely should be made by a professional team. Therefore, before the mosque construction, people who make professional drawings should be reached and the most suitable architectural plan should be drawn with transparent and mutual consultations.

As our company, we support you transparently until the end. You can consult with our company and your environment during the mosque drawing and construction period. We provide you with all kinds of technical support. However, we may not know some of your local characteristics and priorities. Please clarify these characteristics and priorities as a result of the consultation and communicate them with us.

We have a very good article titled Mosque Architectural Design. We recommend you read it before starting the construction of the mosque.

Mosque Construction Rules

Rules for construction a mosque were established both the build strong mosques and to reveal a neat design. We have mentioned these rules below, which should be paid special attention to.

  • The mosque project designed by our architects is calculated by our civil engineers by paying attention to certain rules. 3D architectural design is revealed.
  • After the project approval and license procedures, the construction of a mosque or masjid begins.
  • The foundation of the construction is very important. The formwork, iron, and concrete that will form the foundation should be poured solidly.
  • Again, mold, iron, and concrete workmanship are done carefully to form the skeleton of the construction.
  • According to the architectural plan of the mosque concrete mold, brick, or stone walls are formed.
  • Installation is very important during the construction phase of mosques. Heating, sound, lighting or electricity, etc. To be used in the interior. It is very important to determine the locations of the installations, to make material transitions such as pipes and cables, and to make chandeliers and sconce hangers in advance.
  • Again, the mosque dome is built by the architectural plan. Roof systems such as concrete and steel aluminum can be used in the mosque dome. At the same time, the work of covering the dome of the mosque requires mastery in itself.
  • After the rough construction, plaster, paint, exterior, and fine architecture are done in order.
  • For the main elements in the mosque such as the mihrab, pulpit, and muezzin mahfil, suitable production is made according to the selection of raw materials and mounted on the mosque. Marble, wooden, or tile workmanship is prominent in the main elements of the mosque.
  • According to the preference of the mosque doors to be wooden or steel, the design, manufacture, and installation are made.
  • Manufacturing and assembly are provided according to whether the windows in the mosque will be stained glass or plain.
  • The construction of the minaret together with the mosque or separately is also very important. Minaret construction itself requires knowledge and experience.
  • If there is architectural planning, the construction of the fountain is done in an area close to the mosque.
  • Carpets are laid.
  • All analyzes are checked and the mosque is delivered to be opened for worship.

Is There a Difference Between Masjid Construction and Mosque Construction?

The word Masjid means place of prostration in Arabic. The distinction between masjid and mosque exists only in Turkey. In other Islamic countries, the word masjid is used as the equivalent of the word mosque in Turkey.

The word mosque has entered languages other than Arabic as the pronunciation of the word masjid in different languages. Masjid construction is carried out in a workplace or public space, that is in non-public places or on the side of a road in Turkey. Masjids in Turkey are small places used for praying.

That’s why the khutbah is not read and the Friday prayer is not performed. In the world, there is no difference between the construction of a mosque and the construction of a mosque.

Comparison of Mosque Construction and Masjid Construction Project

The mosque construction project and the masjid construction project have some differences in Turkey. This may sound interesting but in other countries of the world, there is not much difference in terms of the functionality of these two words.

In Turkey, while the mosque construction is much larger in terms of function, the masjid construction does not have minarets, minbars, muezzin mahfils, and prominent altars. The masjid has a simple decoration made in a small area. Mosques are generally equipped with large domes, and they create an enchanting atmosphere with magnificent decoration.

The Vision of Our Company About Mosque Construction

TurnKey Mosque ConstructionAlthough the mosque construction may seem simple, it is a subject with very fine details and requires mastery. The construction of the mosque by the project is a process that requires experience and knowledge.

Our company, which provides this service with professional masters and teams, works with people who have devoted their years to this work in every element from the foundation to the final. After receiving the project, we select our employees carefully and only from people who are professionals in mosque construction to build a mosque that is fully compatible with the project.

Our team consists of employees with strong communication skills and full team spirit. The construction of the mosque is quite elaborate. For this reason, care must be taken to make it with skilled hands. The importance of using a professional team is primarily life safety. Especially during an earthquake, some problems arise. Therefore, the construction of mosques or masjids should be done by mosque masters who know the value of people’s lives.

We know that mosques and masjids are the common value of all Muslims. For this reason, we provide all kinds of architectural conveniences so that our disabled Muslim brothers can worship comfortably in mosques.

Our company, which acts to do a safe and clean job at every stage from the foundation to the dome, carries out the construction of mosques in line with the request of the project owner. In addition to these, we do the maintenance, repair, and renovation works of the mosques and masjids we have built with care.

Every detail in mosques that leave permanent traces in history is important and valuable to us. In addition, we do preliminary studies on cost and efficiency meticulously and transfer the right price and time to the project owner. Our company acts with the awareness of the need to assist the project owner in all matters during the period from project design to turnkey delivery.

In our company, our architects prioritize the aesthetic concern and our civil engineers the safety concern. We act with responsibility and team awareness. You can easily get the best quality workmanship and the most innovative technology service from our company in mosque construction service.

Although mosque constructions are made for worship, they give great visuality to the urban texture. For this reason, we pay attention to the exterior cladding as well as the value we attach to the interior decoration during the construction of the mosque.

Our company, which is competent in its business, follows a path that is always open to development by keeping experience and technology together. Our aim is primarily to provide world-class service.

Thanks to our professional team at Mosque Build, we have signed many beautiful mosques and will continue to do so. Our mosques are our most sacred spaces and we are working with this in mind during mosque construction.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Mosque?

Mosque construction time can change according to many factors that affect the construction period of the mosque. That’s why it is almost impossible to find a short and clear answer to this question directly.

By analyzing the factor one by one, an estimated time can be given to the customer. Let us briefly list the main factors affecting the construction period of the mosque:

  • Official transactions
  • Architecture of the mosque
  • The size of the mosque
  • The company’s experience and knowledge
  • Access to raw materials
  • Labor quality
  • Industrial and technological opportunities at the location of the mosque
  • Weather conditions

It also plays a role in prolonging the construction period in the following items:

  • Slow preparation and approval of drawings
  • Planning the project in insufficient time
  • Slow decision making
  • Insufficient contractor experience
  • Financial troubles
  • Lack of labor supply
  • Wrong planning
  • Subcontractor issue
  • Material shortage
  • Employer’s contract changes

To determine the mosque construction period, which is affected by dozens of factors listed in detail at the end of the page in the link. It is necessary to make a special calculation for each mosque construction.

If you want more detail, you can look at this link: How Long Does It Take to Build a Mosque? You can read below to have information with examples.

How Long Does Construction of Faisal Mosque Take?

The Faisal Mosque construction process started with an architectural project competition in 1969. It continued with the groundbreaking ceremony in 1976. Although the Faisal Mosque was completed in 1986, it was officially opened on June 18, 1998.

The architect of the mosque is a Turk named Vedat Dalokay. Very different from Ottoman or Seljuk architecture, Faisal Mosque was designed as a Bedouin tent.

How Long Did it Take To Build Badshahi Mosque?

The construction of the Badshahi Mosque began in 1671 with the Sixth Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb. After only two years, Badshahi Mosque was opened for worship in 1673. It is one of the most beautiful legacies of Mughal architecture.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mosque?

Mosque building costs depend on many factors to calculate. Let’s briefly examine these factors:

  • Mosque construction project category
  • Architectural plan of the mosque
  • The size of the mosque
  • Raw material, workforce, and industry reach
  • Provision of the budget allocated for the mosque etc. many other factors can be listed.

Do not hesitate to ask us questions to talk about the economic conditions of the mosque you want to build. We will be honored to serve you in this sacred work.

We offer you to look at a very nice and comprehensive article on the cost of building a mosque.

I Want to Build a More Beautiful Mosque than Süleymaniye, Selimiye, or Sultan Ahmed Mosque. Is It Possible?

blue mosque selimiye suleymaniyeThese mosques, which attracted particular attention in their own time, are still remembered with amazement today. These mosques, which prove the genius of the architects, have secrets that cannot be solved even today. Especially considering the materials used in the past and the low technology possibilities, it seems that it is almost impossible to build these structures.

Many people are asked whether it is possible to build a more beautiful mosque than these known mosques. With the technology used today, we have had more opportunities in every sector. In this way the structures made, in the past can now be made easier, faster, and with less material.

While the Süleymaniye, Selimiye, and Sultan Ahmed Mosques were being built, the opportunities were very limited. In line with these possibilities, these mosques were designed and built as a different structure of that period. An example of this situation is the dome, which is still in use today.

The dome is the preferred technique for the structure to survive. The dome shape, which was created to make the stones stand more durable without falling against gravity, has become an indispensable part of mosques by carrying a symbolic meaning over time.

However, concrete structures are preferred more than the stones used in the past. For this reason, the dome shape is no longer a necessity but is used symbolically. In this case, the architecture of these famous mosques can be made today.

However, it is not possible to build a magnificent mosque that attracts attention as it was at that time, with the same architecture. Therefore, it is very difficult to predict the answer to this question. Special mosques are built within the unique architectural beauties of each period.

As Mosque Build, we will continue to build very beautiful mosques in an eye-catching way from now on as before.

Mosque Pictures Under Construction

Click for pictures of the mosque under construction.

In addition, you can watch both mosque videos under construction and many videos about the mosque sector on our youtube channel.

If you want to get a project proposal for mosque construction, you can contact us. Our team will provide you with suitable conditions and offer the most reasonable offer for your dream mosque.