mosque decoration

mosque decoration

Mosque decoration is a job that needs to be done in a special way both to attract people’s attention and to add something meaningful to people. When it is done correctly, a valuable art product like the mosques that have been built until today can be revealed.

It is carefully made based on the dimensions, shape, and general characteristics of the mosque. Thanks to our company, you can easily find the most suitable design and apply it easily while designing the interior of the mosque.

mosque decoration productsCalligraph In A Mosque

Mosque calligraphy has a relaxable effect in mosques. There are so many types of calligraphy and this can provide people to feel the atmosphere and the meaning in the area. Calligraphy occupies an important place in history especially used in mosques for a more pleasant appearance and design.

It is also valuable because it is a fine writing art that has survived from the Ottomans to the present day. The development of this art, which is made with writing and lines, with the master-apprentice relationship makes it difficult to do.

You can have calligraphy done by experts working in our company, and you can give good advice to people with different works of art in your mosque.

A Decorative Element: Mosque Carpet

Mosque interior decoration is very important because of the effect on people. Mosque carpets are used especially for areas that make the person feel more peaceful while showing themselves with a decorative element. There are many points to consider when choosing a mosque carpet.

Choosing a mosque carpet is a tough job. You should consider the things below while you were choosing a carpet;

  • Care should be taken when taking mosque measurements. Otherwise, the carpet may not fit properly.
  • Light-colored carpets should be preferred in mosques with low ceilings. Thus, the space can appear more spacious and comfortable.
  • In large mosques, patterned carpets offer a more pleasant and comfortable look.
  • Pure striped carpets can be preferred in order to prevent being kept pure in large mosques.

A Historical Art: Mosque Tiles

Islamic mosque tiles are very important because they reflect Turkish-Islamic history. Tiles are made from clays. Masters bake the clays and color them after. Generally, blue, yellow, turquoise, black, etc. colors are used and it is possible to make geometric designs with that colors.

The art of tile, which has developed and renewed over time, has changed and gained more value in the hands of masters. The masjid decor has also become more valuable with tiles and similar arts. If you want to add value to your mosque and continue the traditions with a tile made by masters, you can choose our company.

The Place of Mosque Signs

In mosque design, signs are important as other elements of interior design. Since mosque signs have an important history like tiles or calligraphy, they can be used to attract people to truth and beauty. While designing the interior, you can create a different space with signs that add a different atmosphere to the mosque.

You can create the most suitable and magnificent mosque decor by getting help from our company, which has a lot of experience in decorating.

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