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Mosque Finial or AlemThe duty of a finial is marking the top or the end of some objects. Also it is used as a decorative feature. It can be seen on flagpoles and on roofs. A ball-style is generally can be seen on flagpoles. But roofs are the places where it is most used.

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The Names of the Mosque Alem in Different Cultures

Different names are used for the mosque world in different cultures. Commonly some are:

  • Mosque Alem,
  • mosque final,
  • Mosque Realm. It can be listed as

What Are  Mosque Alems?

Mosque alem is a distinctive part or garnish at the top side of a roof. Also an alem that takes apart at the top of the buildings can be found at the end or corner of an object. Finial is the other name of the alem. People generally use finial instead of alem.

This decorative element has a pinnacle, a buttress, a canopy or a spire at the end. It is possible to see these pieces like vertical shapes or surrounded by some scrolls in the Romanesque and Gothic styles.

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What Are The Usage Of Mosque Finial?

Mosque finial is generally used as a decoration piece at the top of a mosque. Also, the meaning of the finial is very important for be able to give the right message. Because of the changeable shapes and the place of a finial, it is very easy to show emblems meaningful and easy on the eyes to people.

Alems are generally obtained by processing materials like sopper, brass and lead. Alems are generally being In a form like a moon. Also, there are some kind of alems that are made in the form of horseshoes, lilies and Horne’s in different structures. One side of the alem is always placed towards the Kaaba. In some architecturel designs, alems can be made up to 6 meters at large mosques.

An alem is an emblem that is openly seen. That is why choosing a finial is very important at several aspects. Mosquebuild is a company that has lots of experience and works. Choose us for the best finial work.

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