Mosque and Masjid Carpet Buying Guide

Mosque and Masjid Carpet

Mosque Carpet

Is mosque, masjid carpet important? Although the exterior architecture of the mosques is carefully prepared, more attention should be paid to the interior architecture. This is important so that worshipers can perform their prayers in peace.

The mosque carpet, which completes the interior architecture and attracts the most attention during worship when you enter the mosque, is also very important in this respect.

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mosque and masjid carpet

Mosque carpets, which are used for purposes such as comfort and beauty in the mosque, are also used to meet the need for cleaning. Mosque carpets, which are carefully designed and made by masters, provide comfort to the users while making the area look more aesthetic with its different models.

With the carpets carefully produced by masters, you can increase space usage efficiency and offer people a more spacious environment.

History of Mosque Carpet

Since the place where the prayer is performed must be clean, it is necessary to use a prayer mat while praying. That’s why people start to use carpets, but it began with the Prophet Muhammad praying on a mat, often called ‘humra’.

Over time, the material was developed, and the prayer rug used while praying was obtained. Carpets, on the other hand, received special attention and esteem. Traditional carpets emerged based in Arabia, Persia, and Anatolia thanks to their comfort, appearance, and ease of use.

Another value that is effective in Islam is that it is mentioned in the Qur’an as more than one piece of heavenly furniture. In Surah 88, carpets are included in the section on rewarding the believer. Many aspects should be considered when making carpets for mosques. Carpet pattern, color, and material should be chosen in accordance with the size and design of the area. masters, who produce mosque construction and materials with their experience, offer a long-lasting experience with comfortable and quality carpets.

Types of Mosque Carpet

The prayer mat, which is used by laying down in the direction of the qibla before praying, is used for praying on a clean floor. In addition, mosque carpets, which are also used to offer a comfortable and pleasant space, should be chosen based on the characteristics of the area. Sheikh Zayed Mosque can be given as an example.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi weighs 45 tons and Sheikh Zayed Mosque contains the largest mosque carpet. Considering the size of the mosque, the size of the carpet and the material used for the carpet should be determined. In this way, a lighter and more useful carpet can be preferred. helps you choose the most suitable carpet for the mosque, considering all the important situations.

What Should We Consider When Choosing Mosque Carpets?

  • The first striking feature in the quality of mosque carpet is the feeling of comfort and ease felt while walking or sitting on it. Because it can be deduced that the raw materials and materials used in a carpet that is understood to be comfortable are of higher quality. Mosque carpets, which provide the highest level of comfort, will please everyone in heavily used mosques and in long-term use.
  • Mosque carpets are made of acrylic, wool, polypropylene, polyester, and polyamide materials. Considering the desired texture on the carpet, a choice should be made between the materials.
  • The standard mosque carpet is 68 cm wide and 133 cm long.Given the size of the space, certain variations in dimensions, pattern and color should be requested.
  • Prayer mat patterns can be partitioned or center patterned.Choosing the carpet model that people will use more comfortably in the area should consider these patterns.
  • Mosque carpets have a great contribution to the appearance of the area. To achieve a more spacious appearance in small areas, it is preferred to choose carpets with less pattern frequency. In areas that do not receive much light, a spacious environment is provided with light-colored mosque carpets.
  • When choosing a mosque carpet, the first thing to keep in mind is the higher the number of noose per square meter of the carpet, the more dense the carpet, which means that its lifespan will be longer. As the number of noose increases, the weight of the mosque carpet increases, and as the weight increases, the price increases. You can make a good decision about the quality by looking at the weaving frequency of the surface of the carpet.
  • One of the most important factors for mosque carpets is odor prevention. Carpets with bad raw materials give off foot odor after a while, creating an unpleasant atmosphere in the mosque.
  • Pay special attention to the fact that the mosque carpet has an anti-static structure. In this way, you offer the opportunity to pray in peace.
  • Allergy is the disease of our age. Some carpet raw materials can cause problems for people with allergy problems. Pay attention to this.
  • In the yarn selection of your carpet, we remind you that some carpet types made from wool removed from “dead sheep” skins may be inexpensive. But remember that these rugs will soon overwhelm you.
  • The climate of your mosque is important in your choice of mosque carpet. For example, in very humid areas, the choice of wool carpet can cause problems.
  • When choosing a mosque carpet, you can pay attention to its non-flammable feature. This is important for minimum casualties in a possible fire.
Important Reminder: The excess number of noose is a positive factor for the carpet. However, sometimes the excessive number of stitches can give the impression of a harder carpet on the face of the person while praying. Even the weaving of the carpet can give negative results such as stinging on the person’s face. It is worth paying attention to this. helps you choose the most suitable carpet for the environment based on the area while choosing a mosque carpet. By contacting us, you can learn about the mosque’s interior elements and the right materials for the environment.

At the end of our article, you can see the prices of mosque carpets with different options.

How is the Color of Mosque Carpet Determined?

The color of the mosque carpet usually consists of the main colors. However, it can be used in special colors according to the architecture. The elements to be considered in terms of color are that it is suitable for architecture, it is not a color that can get dirty easily, and it does not distract the worshipers during worship.

Mosque or Masjid Carpet Yarn Types

Today, there are many types of yarn in the market for carpets laid in mosques or masjids. We have compiled some of them for you. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each yarn type can help you decide.

We have a nice article where you will find a lot of information, including the type of yarn you will choose for mosque and masjid carpets. Definitely read this article before shopping for mosque carpets :

Acrylic Mosque Carpet

Acrylic mosque carpets, which are used especially in new mosques and in places with hot climates, attract attention with their affordable prices. Instead of wool, synthetic materials are used and aesthetic products are created.

These types of carpets are also easy to clean and have quick dirt-repellent properties. In addition, the fact that it does not sweat and can be produced in qualities close to wool carpet quality increases the rate of preference.

Acrylic mosque carpet, which is the most preferred among mosque carpet models, maintains its quality for an average of 25 years (climate and usage conditions should also be taken into account). Acrylic rope that we use almost everywhere in daily life; It is a common material used in upholstery fabrics, blankets and many areas of the clothing industry.

The most preferred acrylic carpet in terms of mosque carpet; It always preserves its first day state, does not experience discoloration and does not fade.

Acrylic mosque carpet also leaves no odor and is easily cleaned when vacuumed.

Acrylic rope’s resistance to different climates, high light and sun provides great convenience to our customers. One of the advantages of acrylic thread is that it is more durable than other threads. Thus, it will keep you away from expenses for a long time.


  • It is natural.
  • It is durable, long-lasting, especially ideal for traffic (intensive use) areas.
  • It is resistant to matting, abrasion, marking and contamination.
  • It is soft and filling. It looks luxurious.
  • It provides natural insulation.
  • It is flame resistant.,


  • It is more expensive than other yarn types.
  • Cleaning requires more care.
  • It carries the risk of allergies.
  • The manufacturer has to use ‘mothproof chemical’.
  • There is a risk of feathering. To fix this problem, it needs to be vacuumed for a while

Wool Mosque Carpet

These carpets are preferred especially due to their comfortable structure, health advantages and durable structure. This is the reason why wool mosque carpets are generally used in our historical mosques and newly built mosques. From a climatic point of view, it is seen that these carpets are generally preferred in non-humid regions. In addition, having sound and heat insulation is the important difference of wool mosque carpets.

Wool mosque carpet has properties such as absorbing excess moisture and moisturizing dry environments. Wool mosque carpet, which offers you a healthier environment as it balances both heat and humidity; At the same time, it resists fire, it is very difficult to catch fire.

Due to its antistatic properties, wool mosque carpets prevent electrification and absorb radiation, do not allow dirt to adhere to carpet threads and can be easily cleaned.

It has the most insulating properties among mosque carpets and can keep the heat at a certain level in all seasons. The wool mosque carpet contains vivid colors that will satisfy you in terms of appearance. As the carpet itself has a long life, these vivid colors also have a long life.

Wool mosque carpet does not allow the formation of allergic environments. It prevents lice, fleas and other bacteria from getting to the carpet; It offers a more comfortable environment.

While wool mosque carpets attract attention with their visual presentation and appearance, they will protect your health because their main material is wool.


  • It is the type of yarn that is physically closest to wool among synthetics.
  • It is soft and full of wool.
  • It is durable and long lasting.
  • It is more affordable than wool.
  • It is resistant to felting, abrasion, traces, contamination, mold, moisture and moth.
    It stains little and is easy to clean.
  • It absorbs less moisture. It is suitable for wet floors.
  • It has high resistance to sunlight.


  • It is synthetic.
  • It carries the risk of allergies.
  • There is a risk of feathering. To fix this problem, it needs to be vacuumed for a while.
  • It is vulnerable to flaming.

Polypropylene Mosque Carpet


  • It is the cheapest among the yarn types.
  • It is resistant to pilling, abrasion, pollution, mildew, moisture and moth.
  • t stains little and is easy to clean.
  • It has high resistance to sunlight.


  • It is synthetic.
  • It is less durable and short-lived.
  • It seals quickly.
  • It is heat resistant.
  • Worn parts give a burnt appearance.

Polyester Mosque Carpet


  • Medium weight, long lasting and flexible.
  • It has exceptional softness and color clarity.
  • It is easy to clean and is naturally stain and fade resistant.


  • It is synthetic.
  • Pilling problem is common.
  • Static electricity is high.
  • Since its dehumidification value is low, it is difficult for water and detergent to penetrate into the fiber to remove stains and dirt.

Polyamide Mosque Carpet


  • It is durable and long lasting.
  • It is resistant to felting, fuzzing, abrasion, streaking, dirtiness, mildew, moisture and moth.
  • It stains little and is easy to clean.


  • It is synthetic.
  • It is high priced.
  • Due to its high price and bright structure, it is not used in woven carpets and is common in tufting (wall-to-wall) carpets.

Mosque or Masjid Carpet Design

Although there are many different pattern choices in mosque carpets, there are generally three different patterns. After contacting us, we can determine together which of these will be suitable for your mosque.

Type of Mosque CarpetsCenter Patterned Carpets

One of the first patterns that comes to mind when the mosque carpet pattern is mentioned is the navel patterned mosque carpet. It is a type of carpet generally used in large mosques. It is used in mosques that have been built with care in terms of architecture, as it does not overshadow the architecture.

In this type of carpet pattern, which generally has a plain appearance, its simplicity consists of a pattern formed in accordance with the architecture, the dimensions of which vary between 4 and 6 meters in the core of the carpet. It got its name because of the pattern on its belly.

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Partitioned Mosque Carpets

It is another type of pattern that comes to mind when it comes to mosque carpets. It takes its name from the strips on it. The fact that it is placed in a flat and horizontal position in the form of a band makes it easier for the worshipers in the mosque to pass through the ranks. The pattern consisting of these band-shaped strips, which helps to create order, gives the carpet its name. This pattern type, which is generally used in small mosques, can contain small patterns within and between its pure lines. It is one of the most used mosque carpet patterns in the mosques of our country. This type of carpet, named after its pattern, covers the floor completely. And the strips in the form of bands are placed on the floor in a horizontal and regular manner.

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Carpets with Prayer Rug

It has a pure seddace pattern on it. It is clear where the people praying in the mosque will stand. It can be preferred in small mosques, although not in very large mosques.

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In addition to the above patterns, there are models in which core patterned carpets and pure carpet patterns are used together.

Mosque or Masjid Carpet Price

First of all, we would like to remind you that price should not be your only criterion when choosing your mosque or masjid carpet. A very cheap product will not be affordable, and a very expensive product is not always the best quality.

So, how should I decide on pricing?

Yes, for the answer to this question, I recommend you to read our article titled “Factors Affecting Mosque Carpet Prices“.
There we have examined the pricing of mosque carpets in detail for you.


Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Acrylic (2.Quality Rope) 2.3 kg 10 mm 300.000 17,00 $
Acrylic 2.5 kg 10 mm 400.000 23,00 $
Acrylic 2.7 kg 11 mm 436.000 27,00 $
Acrylic 2.9 kg 12 mm 474.600 30,00 $
Acrylic 3.2 kg 12 mm 513.600 31,00 $
Acrylic 3.5 kg 13 mm 625.000 33,00 $
Acrylic 3.75 kg 13 mm 590.400 35,00 $
Acrylic 4 kg 14 mm 768.000 36,00 $
Acrylic 4.25 kg 14 mm 806.400 38,00 $
Acrylic 4.5 kg 14 mm 960.000 42,00 $
Acrylic 5 kg 14 mm 1.075.000 44,00 $
Acrylic 5.4 kg 14 mm 1.150.000 47,00 $
Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Luxurious Quality 4 Kg 15-16 mm 332.800 32,00 $
Luxurious Quality 4.5 Kg 15-16 mm 353.000 34,00 $
Luxurious Quality 5 Kg 16-17 mm 380.000 36,00 $
Luxury Quality (Zealand Yarn) 5 Kg  16-17 mm  380.000 50,00 $
Naturel 4 Kg 12-13 mm 358.400 32,00 $
Naturel 4.5 Kg 15-16 mm 345.600 34,00 $
Naturel 5 Kg 16-17 mm 396.800 36,00 $
Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Polypropylene 1,7 Kg 10,00 $
Polypropylene 2 Kg 12,00 $
Polypropylene 2.2 Kg 13,00 $
Polypropylene 2.5 Kg 15,00 $
NOTE : Our prices are Turkey Factory Delivery Price.
If Felt Under the Carpet is requested, the price per m2 is $2,0.
*Pricing in this table is constantly changing due to raw materials etc. Request a special offer for current pricing.

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