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Mosques are the structures that the Muslim community attaches the most importance to. They have eye-catching architecture where worship and prayers are held. It has the same beauty for the magnificent visual appearance when viewed from the outside. The items used and the quality of the items are extremely important. The fine embroideries on the wall, the specially woven carpets on the floor, the large chandeliers standing hanging down, the candlesticks on both sides of the altar are all detailed parts of this visual feast.

With the right choices to be made in mosque chandeliers and mosque lighting, impressive, energy efficient and cost-effective solutions can be applied to make the natural spiritual climate of mosques visible.

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Mosque Chandelier

The mosque chandelier should be functional, solid and high quality as well as decorative. Because mosque chandeliers are very heavy and large products, it is very difficult and troublesome to install them. It is not something to be taken off and put on often. For this reason, when choosing a mosque chandelier, a quality and solid chandelier that is suitable for use for many years should be selected.

Things to Consider When Buying a Chandelier For Mosque

When choosing a mosque chandelier, the model and workmanship are the details that catch our eye first. For this reason, we can actually look at chandeliers as a product that adds aesthetic beauty.

However, there are some points that we should pay attention to when buying a chandelier:

• The interior of the mosque should be analyzed in detail in terms of lighting. If the light of the chandelier is not enough, light colored and larger size chandeliers should be chosen.
• The coating and metal area of ​​the mosque chandelier should be stainless. Otherwise, it may rust over time depending on the humidity in its environment. This does not create a pleasant image on your chandelier. It can get old quickly.
• If there are stones on the chandelier, make sure that it is standing firmly on it. Otherwise, your chandelier may fall.
• If it is to be purchased from chandeliers with accessories such as stones, the quality of the stones should be examined. Fake or poor quality stones turn yellow over time and take on a bad appearance.
• Since the chandeliers work with electrical energy, the cables to be used in the chandelier must be resistant to heat. Otherwise, the chandelier may short-circuit and this may cause serious damage to your electrical installation. The material in the socket must be porcelain. It should be heat resistant and not rust. LED bulbs should be used in order to save electricity. Make sure that the lamp holder and led drivers used in the chandelier are in CE standards and carry CE safety labels.
• If the height of the chandelier used in the center of the mosque is too tall, it will be necessary to build a scaffold during the maintenance and cleaning of the chandelier. If the dome of the mosque is not very high, choose wide chandeliers instead of high chandeliers.
• Since the maintenance of the mosque chandeliers cannot be done often enough by the mosque administrations, the crystals used on the chandeliers unfortunately get dusty over time and create a bad appearance. If there is no special cleaning program, think again when choosing crystal chandeliers in mosques.
• Bulbs have a lifespan and will need to be replaced when their economic life is over. Choose chandeliers whose bulbs can be easily replaced. LED bulbs of appropriate quality have a long life. They don’t need to change very often. Prefer LED bulbs.

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