Mosque Ornaments

Mosque ornaments are among the decoration elements used to add a different atmosphere to a space. Different decoration elements are used to decorate the mosques in many parts of the world and to make these areas more elegant appearance.

Among the dazzling arts used for the decoration of mosques in Turkish art, the most rooted in the art of tiles. With the adoption of an original understanding of art, many decoration techniques such as pencil work, wood carving, kundekari, writing ornaments, stone and metal art have emerged, and tile art.

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Mosque Ornaments Design

From the past to the present, the decoration work in mosques continues with the same devotion. Although the types of mosque decoration continue traditionally, there are changes at certain points. The changes made while decorating the mosque are:

  • Types of motifs,
  • Types of materials,
  • Form of decoration

Hand-drawn ornaments, crown door understanding, reliefs, written verses, tile, and mosaic ornaments, which are delicately processed like embroidery, are among the ornaments used in mosques. These methods, which are used to decorate the mosque, allow the creation of different designs. In this way, decorations with designs can be used in each mosque.

Different elements need to be considered before decorating. Our company creates a special design by taking into account the characteristic of the mosque and the area where the mosque is located. By choosing our company, you can have various decorations made by the masters, and you can have eye-catching mosque decorations.

Purpose of the Use of Mosque Ornaments

The decorations used in mosques are used to add a different atmosphere to the area. Decorative arts applied in detail ensure that mosques continue to use traditional elements and gain value. While decorating mosques, which are of great religious importance, words that advise people to be beautiful or shapes that express good is used.

Apart from this, another factor taken into consideration while making decorations is aesthetics. Aesthetically beautiful and pleasing ornaments are used to make mosques colorful and different from the others. Geometric shape combinations used in tlie and mosaic-like decorations appeal to the eye while pointing to the eternity of the creator. The most common types of decoration used for mosques are listed below.

1-Mosque Tiles

Mosque tiles are a type of decoration used in almost every mosque. It is necessary to be a professional to apply the tile art, which is made with long efforts, to mosques. The reason for this is that each part of the tiles is cooked in special ovens. The baked tile pieces are painted and gazed over them. After this process, tile motifs become usable.

The most beautiful use of tile art, which is very common in Turkish art, was realized in mosques. The most beautiful example of a mosque where tiles are used is the Rustem Pasha Mosque. It is possible to easily see the development of tile art in the mosque. Which is among the eye-catching works of Mimar Sinan.

2-Mosque Mosaics

Mosque mosaics are known as a defining feature and decoration element in Islamic art. The mosaics used in mosques provide a different environment in every area, thanks to their wide variety. In addition, mosaic decorations are considered an important element in the cultural context due to their traditional use.

The mosaic design process is done by masters. The attention and care required during the mosaic-making stages can only be carried out by professionals. The mosaic placement process, like the design process, should be done by skilled workers. Otherwise, defects in the whole appearance of the ornaments may attract attention.

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3-Mosque Stained Glass

Mosque stained glass is a type of decoration used from the Byzantine period to this time. The art of stained glass, which has a deep-rooted history, is also known as the art of painting glass. It is possible to add color to masques and make the area look more pleasant with the art of stained glass, which contributes to mosques with its visual richness.

The motifs applied to the glass are processed with different methods, helping to create a beautiful and different environment. Our company makes the glass painting art used for mosque decorations professionally and ensures the use of quality art elements n mosques. By choosing our company, you can add color to your mosque with stained glass that has different textures.