In the workshops that were included at a young age, the masters did not only teach the subtleties of the profession to their apprentices;
art learned is a memorized meaning. When you enter through that glazed door, respectively, you become brave, yamak, apprentice, journeyman, competitor, caliph, sheikh, and the workshop is a stage like life. In every stage, you go one step in both life and profession. Time passes slowly in the workshop; you cook, you brew, you become a master then a person.

Teknom Yapı; He works with masters who pass through these ranks in the titles of Marble-Stone Work, Line, Tile, Revzen, Woodworking, Alem, Embroidery-Pen Work, and memorize mana for life. So much so that; Hardworking also the founder of Techno Building a master Omar Faruk passed through this stage, almost in every corner of Turkey met while performing his profession that the name of dozens of craftsmen located in the Techno Structure fluffy index.

It is located in the Fine Arts Faculty inventory of Turkey’s leading universities, including Traditional Turkish Arts Department faculty. This unique inventory of Teknom Yapı includes not only art titles and performers but also a detailed catalog of the works produced by these masters.

Each year, this archive updated with only one of its kind in Turkey.