What is the Mihrab in a Mosque?

The meaning of the word mihrab in Arabic is: “The palace, the harem part of the palace or the part where the throne of the ruler is located, the statue cell of the Christian saints, the arbor, the room, the pavilion, the high place, the head of the assembly, the most honorable part”. Over time, it was used for the place where the imam stood in mosques. It is known that the word derives from the root of war, meaning “to fight and fight”. What is pointed out with this; It has been said that it is connected with making great efforts and fighting to reach important places or to protect and defend them.

What is the Mihrab in a Mosque?The word mihrab is mentioned in four places in the Qur’an.

The development of the mihrab, which is considered one of the most important elements of religious architecture, in Islamic art has spread over a long period. In the beginning, the Prophet’s Mosque did not have a mihrab, only Hz. It is known that the place where the Prophet led the prayer is known.

Umar b. While Abdulaziz was reconstructing the Masjid an-Nabawi during his governorship of Medina, a niche-style mihrab was added to the place where the Messenger of Allah stood while he was leading prayers, and this place was known as the mihrab of the Messenger of Allah.

In other mosques, in the early years of Islam, the direction of the qibla was indicated by a colored line, a piece of rock or a plasterboard.

Today, it is possible to see mihrabs of very different architecture in order to show the cultures of civilizations in the world.
Especially in the Ottoman period, the mihrab reached its peak in terms of architecture and aesthetics, and wonderful works emerged in the hands of masters such as Mimar Sinan. Even today, many people cannot hide their admiration while examining the domes inside these mosques.

The mihrab has always been used with the aim of showing the qibla and keeping a line behind the faith since its first development. Since it is in the direction of the qibla, it has a sublime meaning like the station of Allah.
Mihrabs are generally made of wood, tiles and marble. It is seen that some mihrabs are 15-20 cm higher than the ceiling of the mosque.

You can find mosques where the verses of the Quran and the mihrabs are processed in a very aesthetic way.

The mihrab, which is usually the first thing that strikes you when you enter the mosque, is one of the important values ​​of Islamic culture that will not get old and will not change.

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