Framed construction is one of the services offered as a turnkey project by Mosque Build Yapı. The frame structure is the only element that identifies the main lines of the Islamic place of worship which is placed on concrete or steel frame although it is supported by various coating methods. The engineering knowledge and variety of materials today are suitable for the construction of all traditional/modern forms on concrete or steel frame. In some mosques, you can see pillars that bear domes with a diameter of 10-15 meters and height of 20-25 meters, the walls that surround the harim (sanctuary space), weak columns that support gathering-places and more; although they are considered smooth in terms of construction technology, they are not compatible with traditional forms.
The deterioration of the proportionality between the units at this stage brings with dozens of problems that need to be overcome in the coating and decoration stage. Mosque Build Yapı emphasizes the following basic principles during the frame construction phase: ground survey, earthquake resistance, proper concrete mix ratio, the relationship between concrete and iron reinforcement, foundation and roof insulation, the resistance of the load-bearing system to the lateral loads, etc. The current conditions of the mosques we have built up so far are undoubtedly the greatest references of Mosque Build Yapı.