Basic mosque principles are used for creating a mosque that has unchangeable Islamic signs. There are so many elements that have an important place in Islamic architecture.

The principles are generally used for building a modern and comfortable area for people. While building a mosque is important to be careful about how people feel.

Especially the function is used for arranging the are according to using aims. You can create a mosque that has protective of Islamic principles with our corporate principles.

A. Corporate Principles

There are certain principles that our company applies to provide better service. Thanks to these conceptual principles, you can get better and quality service. The basic principles adopted by our company are listed below.

  • Our company, which has years of experience, serves with an experienced staff.
  • Working diligently with its experience, our company offers quality services to its customers.
  • Our Mosque Build company secures its job with timely delivery.
  • We build mosques that are sensitive to the environment and people with different models.
  • With the quality elements we use in the mosque, both contribute to people and provide comfort.
  • We determine the materials and methods that are suitable for interior design and a different space without breaking the traditional meaning.

B. Aesthetic Principles

Basic mosque principles in Islam have a role in protecting the old type of mosques while renewing them. Aesthetics doesn’t have a strict pattern. That’s why there are so many construction types.

Although the perception of aesthetics and beauty varies from person to person, some elements are important for aesthetics in every field as they are adopted by everyone. These elements are listed below.


There are geometry principles in every mosque design. This principle can be used in plans, facades, or ornamental details. It enables the realization of order principles by providing order and stability together with geometry.

Geometry, which is accepted as a common factor in Islamic design, also expresses the belief in unity in multiplicity. For this reason, many examples of geometry are seen from small details to large details.

Building Features in Islam

Mosque features generally share common building elements. The minaret is one of them. The minaret, which is in the form of a rising, thin and long building, is completed with the Islamic symbol crescent.

The minarets, which are used to announce the call to prayer or prayer in the mosque, are divided into various classes.

Location and Layout

In mosque design, the first attention is paid to where the mosque will be built. Since there is not a large group visiting the mosque, it is of great importance to create an environment that supports additional activities.

To make this situation essential, gullies are usually built. One of the best examples of a mosque-centered building complex is the Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul.

Ornamentation and Furnishings

Mosques have different designs and patterns. The purpose of this is to prevent idolatry. In mosques, this situation is prevented by using various ornamental elements instead of using sculptures or copies.

The designs used in the mosque generally aim at achieving tranquility, unity, and similar principles. By these principles, mosaics are used as decorations in the mosque.


Sustainability, which is treated as a general rule for every design, is of great importance for the environment. The design should be made taking into account the climatic and budgetary conditions.

A design solution is also created for appropriate lighting, water, and energy management. It is possible to provide this situation with material selection. By choosing our company, you can ensure sustainability without encountering any problems.

Natural Elements

In particular, natural light is an important element in the illumination of mosques and in creating a different atmosphere in mosques. Mosques built according to the angle of incidence of the light and the area where the mosque is located are important because they are more spacious and comfortable.

Aesthetically the bond established with the area makes the mosque gain meaning. Natural elements which are important in every field, increase the value of mosques in particular. There are many examples of the usage of natural elements in mosques.

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