mosque dome should have an aesthetic that amazes you when you enter any mosque, big or small, and raise your head. Regardless of the style of the dome, it should amaze the worshipers with its interior design and calligraphy.

mosque dome construction

In the following sections of this article, we examined the dome coating techniques in detail. It will be useful for covering the mosque dome.

Mosque Dome

The dome of a mosque is very important both visually and in terms of quality. Therefore, dome construction is defined as one of the most difficult parts of mosque construction. Real construction experience is required as well as higher mathematical and architectural knowledge. Therefore, do good research on the architectural history of your interlocutor in the construction of mosque domes.

Especially in Seljuk and Ottoman architecture, large mosques have domes of enormous sizes. While expressing the rise of the earth with the dome in Islamic mosque architecture, it also indicates the power of the period and the intelligence of the architect.

You can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Mosque to see the magnificent array of arches and columns holding the domes in mosques.

What Is Your Method Regarding Mosque Dome Design?

The mosque dome design process cannot be separated from the mosque construction. We exchange views with you on every part of the mosque during the initial project design process of the mosque. This is how the process works in the design. Thus, the most suitable dome model for the mosque is found.

The masjid dome is an invariable element in the typology of mosques. Although domes or minarets are not obligatory in the historical development of mosques, these structures are used to fulfill the design features of mosques. In designs that are of religious importance, our company makes the structures different and eye-catching with appropriate methods.

Thanks to the developing software technologies and many modeling methods, we show customers different mosque domes and enable them to make the right decision about the visual shape of the construction. Our experienced company in dome construction;

  • Proper determination of dimensions,
  • Using solid materials,
  • Identifying monumental structures,
  • It creates an eye-catching and differentiated mosque by paying attention to features such as taking into account permanence and identification with the place where the building is located.

Our company, which has experience in the construction of mosques, demonstrates both fast and solid work with the experience it has gained. You can have quality and durable buildings built in a short time by choosing our company, which has been involved in the construction restoration, and construction of mosque elements for a long time.

Mosque Dome Design Elements

The difference in mosque dome design is shaped by the ties that belong to the mosques. These ties vary according to the characteristics of the region by being processed beforehand. Features that shape the mosque:

  • Climate of the area
  • Traditional architecture
  • Social structure
  • Environmental conditions
  • Used materials
  • The meanings attributed to the elements that make up the structure, are symbolic values.

The dome used in mosque formation can be handled with different methods. According to the design style, a dome with different features can be built for the mosque and an original and more modern structure can be created.

When making a mosque dome, first of all, the meaning attributed to the mosque is looked at. Different types of domes can be made for mosques based on understanding and the place where the mosque was built.

Mosques built by our company appear as an integrated element as they connect with the area. By choosing our experienced company, you can build useful mosques that are integrated with the field.

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Mosque Dome Structural Design

Mosque dome structural design generally changes according to the plan and the ties that belong to the mosques. It is possible to make domes with different features and shapes. These elements, which are important for mosques are shaped around the design.

The dome design is made according to the customer’s request and the area where the mosque will be built. In this way, both the relationship between the area and the building and customer satisfaction is provided.

Before the structural elements are placed on the domes, the plans must be created in line with the design elements. The elephant foot, half dome, etc. A structural design can be created by placing elements. Determining the interior design along with this process brings a smooth working process in the next stages.

Mosque Dome Interior Design

Paints, reliefs, etc. ornaments can be seen in the architectural works of the domes in mosques. Embroidery is the most common method used to decorate the ceilings of mosques with fine works that appeal to the soul. Mosque embroidery is a method that is frequently used not only on the dome but also on the interior walls of the mosque.

Embroidery ornaments, which we encounter in many mosques, not only change the atmosphere of the environment but also manage to touch the spirit of the people. In this respect, it is seen that interior decorations are like the design of mosques.

Masjid Dome

The masjid dome is one of the features that represent a mosque. Dome is a spherical architectural element made to cover the upper part of the mosque. This element, which has been applied in the field of architecture since ancient times, has reached larger dimensions over time and has become an eye-catching and indispensable piece of the mosque

In Islamic literature, mosque and masjid refer to the same place. Masjid is the term used by some more eastern culture. In Turkey, the situation is very different. There is a large quantitative difference between a mosque and a masjid. If you are interested in these differences, you can read this article.

In the masjid understanding of Eastern culture, the dome is seen as an indicator of Islamic beauty and the manifestation of Allah’s magnificence in the world.

Architects, who initially built small masjid domes in terms of size, started to produce works larger over time. In today’s time, the dome style of the mosques built is largely seen as a continuation of the Ottoman style.

The masjid domes produced by our company are produced with special designs as a combination of traditional and modern styles. Mosque Build uses solid materials to build a well-designed masjid with a detailed dome. Our staff has a lot of experience and knowledge in dome coating and restoration

Masjid Dome Design

Masjid dome design has an important role because of being an eye-catching element in the mosque. The design of the domes is carried out both aesthetically and structurally. Fort his reason, when considering the dome’s appearance, the structural elements and the points where these elements will be located should also be taken into account.

Dome size is one of the most important factors affecting the design. Structural elements or different solutions are needed to carry the weight of the domes. This emerging problem of dome overflow gives direction to the design and provides different views and areas to be obtained.

At this point, it is seen that for the design of the dome, first of all, the problems should be approached in a solution-oriented manner.

Mosque Dome Construction Rules

The dome design will also emerge during the mosque projecting plans. Dome construction begins with the chosen dome theme. If you want to make your dome with stone blocks in a very different way, will help you with skilled stonemasons.

If you want to have a mosque built from the Seljuk or Ottoman school regarding the mosque dome, a solid construction process will begin with the dome mold. This dome formwork system, which has been made with different methods for centuries, will be installed by Mosque Build teams most perfectly with the technological possibilities of the age.

After the construction of the mosque molds and the dome is completed, this dome must be protected with a coating. Mosque dome coating work is very important both for a visual feast and for leaks such as rain and snow not to damage the inside of the mosque.

Now let’s talk about the mosque coating process:

Mosque Dome Coating

The important thing in the covering of the mosque is durability that covers the dome. The mosque coating should remain intact for many years. The mosque dome cover provides durability and a strong structure.

Mosque dome covering is very important in terms of protecting the structure against external factors. When the dome coating is worn, it leaks into the mosque. This situation negatively affects both the mosque and the congregation who come to the mosque for worship. For this reason, it is extremely important to make the mosque dome coating in the best way and to renew the worn coating.

Different materials such as aluminum, lead, steel, and copper can be used in mosque dome coatings. The design suitable for the dome with the specified coating type is usually defined by the coating material. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Our experienced team will give you detailed information about the most suitable coating type.

Let’s get to know the coating types briefly:

Mosque Dome CoatingAluminium Mosque Dome Covering

The aluminum dome covering has a very important place in mosque architecture. It is not only used to cover domes. It is also used to cover tombs and shadirvan domes. The aluminum covering that is made by our experienced staff is very durable in weather like snow and rain.

The other good thing about the aluminum covering is that it is the most economical material. The aluminum covering is waterproof and light. It can be used at the dome and elevations of all of the mosques.

Some Features of Aluminum Dome:

  • It is light and durable.
  • It provides a decorative appearance.
  • It can be shaped easily.
  • It is resistant to corrosion.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • It is easy to recycle.
  • It is sensitive to the environment and human health.

Lead Mosque Dome Covering

Lead dome covering can be seen at most of the mosques. The lead material has a soft texture. In the first place, a lead dome covering is found. This material is used for many years – approximately since Ottoman time- because of the texture of lead that is soft and not affected by the weather.

Materials like aluminum and zinc are soft and light but harsh. Because of their harshness, they broke and their feature insulation just get lost. That’s why lead dome covering is more than durable aluminum.

The covering is very important because it can cause deterioration of calligraphy, embroidery, and workmanship like that. Mosquebuild is professional in covering domes. You can get done with a mosque that has detailed workmanship and durable covering.

Some Features of Lead Dome:

  • Lead is a very soft substance.
  • Lead is a material that can take shape very easily.
  • Lead is a material that does not rust easily.
  • Lead is a material that does not corrode easily.

Copper Mosque Dome Covering

Since copper sheets are soft, they can be easily shaped according to the structure of the covered area. Since there is no breakage or cracking in copper material, the processes are easier, and the coatings can be used for a long time after the process.

It is also worth remembering that copper dome coatings remain brightly colored and very striking for a long time. All coating materials should be handled with devotion and be sensitive about meticulousness. Mosque Build has sufficient knowledge and skills on how to do dome coating processes.

Some Features of Copper Dome:

  • It has a striking and very bright appearance.
  • It has a soft texture. Therefore, it is easy to handle.
  • It provides good thermal conductivity.

Titanium Mosque Dome Covering

titanium mosque dome covering

Mosque Dome Covering Prices

Masjid dome construction is very important for the mosque’s lifetime. Different materials such as aluminum, lead, steel, and copper can be used in mosque dome coatings. Steel coating is the highest priced among mosque dome covering.

The most affordable ones are copper and aluminum coverings. The effect of covering material to be used in the covering has lots of effect on prices. That is why aluminum and copper are often preferred.

Lead dome coating may be preferred because of its extreme abrasion resistance. But it is partly heavy and a little expensive compared to its alternatives.

In addition to the value of the materials in the mosque dome coating prices, when the technology and skillful labor to be used during the processing of these metals are included, a very different budget range can arise in the construction of the mosque dome coating.

So, for example; If we assume that the dome of the mosque is covered with steel metal since steel metal is not a metal that can be easily bent and bent in the hands of the master, it will be shaped with nanotechnology, which is one of the blessings of the latest technology, which has been produced separately for this, so its cost will increase a little more, but it will be more robust and reliable than other mosque dome coatings.

On the other hand, if we give an example of the copper dome coating of the mosque; The copper metal, on the other hand, bends and bends very easily and is easily shaped, so that even a separate technology is not needed, which will reduce the value of these copper coatings and reduce the cost at the same rate.

In short, mosque dome covering prices; It varies according to the materials used, technology and workmanship. Would you like to discuss the most suitable mosque dome coating option for you together?

Mosque and Masjid Dome Restoration

Dome restoration is also important as mosque dome construction. After the mosque dome construction, domes can be harmed by lots of things. Because of that dome restoration is made appropriately.

Except for the general restorations made as a result of the destruction of natural disasters, mosque dome restoration is generally on dome coatings. Depending on the condition of the damage, the existing dome coating is either repaired or completely renewed.

We offer you quality workmanship, solid materials, and a reasonable price policy for mosque dome construction or dome-grabbing works. You can contact us to have a mosque with detailed workmanship and to get information about mosque domes. Click to view the mosque dome pictures.