Mosque Marble Works  or  Mosque Stonework

Mosque  marble work  or Mosque Stonework are one of the areas that our company specializes in. It is possible to see lots of buildings that have amazing and eye-catching looking made by Mosquebuild.

While the structure were drawning and different kind of stones were using, there are some factors taken into consideration.

You can benefit from the long-term experience of our employees and our company for the mosque construction that has a high quality.

Masjid Marble Design

Marble work is used inside of the masjid  as it used exterior parts. Wall and column decorations, mihrab, minber etc. are examples of usage of stone kinds. While the durabilities in the foreground at the exterior side of masjids, durabilities and aesthetic are both in the foreground at the interior part.(Mihrab and minber can be from wood according to request.)

Stones that are using for appearance has lots of meanings. The art which is made with valuable and beautiful stones allows the building to gain more value. Even a marble masjid attracts more attention if it is done in good hands.

Some of the masjids, there are places where carpets not used. Masjid floor carpet design is very useful for this kind of masjids. İn that way, it is possible to engrave the prayer rug in marble.

Our employees that are working at Mosquebuild have gained a lot of experience on stone and tile processing. All of the employees have been trained by master. You can prefer us in a comfortable way and ensure the emergence of  a detailed and high quality work.

Important Factors about Stones

Granite marble works are jobs that require more detail and experience. Especially choosing the stone kind is a work that is hard and important. While the mosque was building, the exterior and interior features should take into consideration and choose the best stone kind for the mosque.

Mosquebuild evaluate most of the stone kinds and prefer the most beautiful and useful of them. While stones were choosing, so many factors are considered and they gather up with a detail marbleand granit work by our staff.

There are some of the important factor that need attention while the stonework were making at below:

  • Color and appearance
  • Compactness
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Hardness and toughness
  • Strength
  • Grain fineness
  • Absorption and porosity
  • Resistance to electricity
  • Resistance to fire

Our staff have lots of knowledge about how to choose a good type of stone for an attractive construction. You can find the optimal marble or other kinds of stones that are meeting the requirement for the marble masjid that you want to build.

Build A Stone Mosque

Marble and granite works change according to the shape and structure of the mosque. The various stones that are used in buildings add a lot of value to the building. As a result of this, tile and marble work draw attention as an architectural element.

Masjid floor marble design that built by Mosquebuild was made with the most variable and detailed that have detailed workmanship. Also the stones that are used to complete the masjid make the building even stronger. So, it is necessary to use stronger and available stones which have proper properties for making a resistant mosque.

You can find carefully processed tiles and stones that processed by masters with Mosquebuild. Except that, you can create your own structure that is different and has an eye-catching design as you wish.

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You can view our marble products from the links below.

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