Mosque construction is a process in which very different designs are brought together and a real work of art emerges with every element from the foundation to the finial on the top. This process has a story. How long the stories will last is related to the imagination of the author. Now let’s analyze how long the mosque construction can take.How long does it take to build a mosque?

How Long Does İt Take To Build A Mosque?

The duration of the mosque construction; The planning of the mosque depends on the initial options such as its size, the budget allocated for the mosque, or the technology to be used for the mosque’s construction.

Many factors such as interior decoration of the mosque, calligraphy processing, and interior items affect the construction period of the mosque.

The selection of the dome, the number and technique of minarets and the factors integrated with the mosque such as the ablution fountain will affect the completion date of the mosque construction.

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Factors Affecting the Mosque Construction Process Negatively

We have listed below the negative factors that affect the construction period of mosques in some countries. Of course, this interesting list is the summary of the general list. You can see that this list will become much longer if studied in detail.

Country Factor
Jordan • Insufficient contractor experience
•  Financial troubles
•  Lack of labor supply
• Slow decision making
• Wrong planning
• Subcontractor issue
Kuwait •  Material order change
•  Employer’s financial restrictions
•  Employer shortage in the construction sector
Hong Kong • Insufficient material
•  Unpredictable ground conditions
•  Extremely low offers
•  Inexperienced contractors
United Arab Emirates


• Slow preparation and approval of drawings
•  Planning the project in insufficient time
•  Employer’s late decision
•  Labor shortage
•  Poor site management and inspection
•  Low labor productivity
Saudi Arabia •  Material exchange of the employer
•  Delay in progress payments
• Incorrect planning and timing
•  Labor shortage
• Financial difficulties of the contractor
Malaysia • Contractor’s incorrect planning
• Poor site management by the contractor
• Insufficient experience of the contractor
•  Delay in progress payments
• Subcontractor issue
•  Material shortage
•  Lack of labor supply
•  Equipment failure and status
• Incorrect management information system
•  Errors made during the construction phase
Ghana •  Underestimation of the project cost
•  Underestimation of project complexity
•  Difficulty in accessing bank loan
•  Bad surveillance
•  Material shortage
•  Price fluctuation/ rising material cost
•  Poor site management
Singapore • Progress delay by employer
•  Adverse weather conditions
•  Financial problems of the contractor
•  Insufficient working drawing
•  Fluctuations in material cost and labor during construction
•  Force majeure
Nigeria •  Youth’s unrest, militancy and social crises
• Insufficient planning by contractors
•  Postponement or non-payment of compensation to communities
•  Wrong selection of consultants and contractors by the customer
•  Weather forecast
•  Weak contract management by consultants
•  Late identification and resolution of drawings and specification errors and omissions
•  Weak contract management by consultants
•  Inappropriate design by the consultants
•  Unrealistic contract duration by customers
•  Weak coordination of subcontractors by contractors
Malaysia •  Unexpected weather conditions
•  Bad site conditions
•  Bad site inspection
•  Incomplete consultant information
•  The consultant’s lack of experience
•  Financial problems of the contractor
•  Employer’s contract changes
• Delayed approval of major changes within the scope of the work by the Consultant
•  Contractor coordination problems
•  Incomplete and defective work

As a result; How long does it take to build a mosque?

Although it depends on the project, the completion time of the construction of a mosque in general varies between 1 year and 7 years.

While it was expected for many years for the mosque foundation to be stronger, now we can build mosques faster with new construction techniques and technologies. But this time, as we have listed above, the delivery times of mosques may be extended due to dozens of different reasons.

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