Dozens of different components that make up a structure can only form a meaningful whole when they are compatible with each other. The existence of the Islamic place of worship in a single structure canonly be possible if those competent hands laboring in dozens of different arts are brought together. The harmony of so many different units is directly related to one-stop management. Separate management of Architecture, Geometry, Decoration, Technical units, and the branches of these units means a huge time, attention, labor, and material loss. What makes Stoneplus Yapı unique is that it undertakes onestop management of many projects in a few different provinces in Turkey at the same time. In Turkey and the world, in addition to charitable business people, foundations, and associations, various official institutions also build Islamic places of worship due to their services and fields of activity. The major contribution of Stoneplus Yapı to the employer, from whom the project is taken over or for whom its project is implemented, is the management of dozens of different items within a single project, providing accurate recommendations and offering alternatives and complementary solutions to charitable persons, foundations, and associations by considering the whole, the architectural tradition, and the meaning represented by the building in each work item.