Mosque Calligraphy

Mosque Calligraphy

Mosque calligraphy is an art that needs to be done in a very detailed and clean way. Mosque calligraphy especially made by people who receive education, gives peace and advice to people at the same time. You can make use of our reliable and experienced staff quickly and easily to make this art, which we encounter particularly in mosques.

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mosque and masjid CalligraphyWhat Is Mosque Calligraphy?

The art of mosque calligraphy, adds a different atmosphere and provides to reach more aesthetic appearance in mosques. There are many reasons why the art of calligraphy adds a different atmosphere to the materials on which it is applied.

Calligraphy is fine art of writing. While making a masjid calligraphy, the person that made the calligraphy art have to be very careful. Mosquebuild has so many experience about choosing and adding a calligraphy to mosques.

Choosing a special word is very important for to be able to address to the crowd in the mosque. Mosquebuild, which has been dealing with this job for many years, helps you to produce outstanding works with its professional service.

Masjid Calligraphy

There is no difference between masjid calligraphy and mosque calligraphy. Everything from their designs to the verses of the Qur’an written can be the same. Searching for different words is entirely due to cultural differences.
Masjid calligraphy is also a process that our company attaches great importance to and is done by our expert masters.

Important Things In Mosque Calligraphy

Calligraphy has lots of kinds in itself. Special words that are written with different shades, also have defined length intervals between each letter. Mosque calligraphy design is determined according to the matters given below:

  • While the calligraphy art is making, the size of letters should be adjusted specially. The size of all letters must be in a harmony with each other.
  • While artistic shapes were given to the letters, all the shapes should not be distorted. The calligraphy that is written artistically should be readable.
  • The space between the letters should be proportional while the calligraphy art was making.
  • The letters for creating fascinating and eye-catching mosques should be symmetrical.

Mosque Calligraphy Design

Mosque calligraphy design is a type of design that can be seen on the domes and walls of mosques in general. Calligraphy, which increases the peace and good feelings in the mosque also supports the mosque visually.

Calligraphy, that requires a lot of experience, has a very sensitive subject. Meaningful words that are specially selected for each mosque, should be written in the place determined in accordance with certain rules. If the rules are not followed, the peace that calligraphy will bring may be replaced by dissatisfaction. For this reason, it is very important to focus while doing this job.

Masjid Arabic Calligraphy

Choosing a masjid Arabic calligraphy is a job that requires experience as much as making a calligraphy. Our staff that work professionally in our company are both masters in the art of calligraphy and have a lot of experience in choosing the text to be written.

Our company, which offers a detailed and clean workmanship, is assertive in the construction of mosques as well as in decorating both the inside and outside of mosques. Choose us for quality calligraphy works.

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