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Mosque doors have their own characteristics. Mosque doors, known as original works in Ottoman architecture, draw attention with their calligraphy and embroidery. Doors that embody Ottoman culture manage to become integral members of mosques with their different designs and materials.

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While the entrance doors of the mosque, which are generally opposite the mihrab, point to the north, the doors on the upper floor opening towards the balcony point to the south. There are minbar, mihrab, dais, and similar structures in mosques. When you enter the mosque from the main door, the mihrab, where the imam leads the prayer, is seen.

Kündekari door collection process where all parts are prepared beforehand and the actual video takes 9 hours.

Mosque Door Production

The doors of the mosque were made with fine craftsmanship and fascinate people with their magnificence today. Mosque doors, especially made by masters, have an aesthetic appearance as well as durability. At the same time, it is stated that the doors shed light on the past with their appearance.
The mosque door design is made specifically for the area. Mosque doors, which are produced by the handcrafts of our masters, are offered to customers with great care and delicacy. In addition, we offer remarkable mosque doors to our customers with different designs and materials.

Masjid Door Design

Masjid door design is made based on the incoming order and the features of the mosques. Especially the conditions of the region where the mosque is located are among the important factors for the selection of the mosque door.

Considering the site conditions, copper or wooden mosque doors may be preferred for the mosque. However, it is necessary to take the appearance of experts before making a choice. Our company evaluates even the smallest points with its employees who are experts in their fields.

Mosque Door Models

Mosque door models can change according to the mosque’s size, shape, and area. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention when choosing a door. Our company, which is an expert in its business, pays special attention to every element and chooses the most suitable door model for the mosque.

Our company, which deals with special production and design according to the climate of the area where the mosque is located and the concept of the mosque, succeeds in creating interesting areas with different patterns. We continue the traditional arts, especially by preferring wooden and copper doors.

Types of Mosque/Masjid Doors

The mosque doors, which greet us with all their splendor at the entrances, are the elements that reflect the architecture of the mosques. Another duty of mosque doors is to reflect the spiritual feelings of the mosque. For this reason, many factors are taken into consideration when designing a mosque door or choosing a mosque door for the area.

While producing mosque doors, attention should be paid to the durability of the door and its harmony with the mosque architecture, as well as the aesthetic appearance and the effect given to people. The effects of the weather conditions of the area where the mosque is located or even the mass of people coming and going to the area are taken into consideration when choosing the mosque door. While the type of material used on the door changes, especially due to weather conditions, the motifs, and embroideries on the door change when the human mass is taken into account.

Magnificent wooden doors always stand out in the greatest works of Islamic architecture. Wooden doors have been used in mosque architecture for centuries. With the development of technology, embroidered steel doors have also started to be used in Islamic architecture. Recently, many architects who want to maintain modern mosque architecture have added unbreakable glass door models to their mosque designs.

There are certain materials preferred by our company. You can choose our employees who are experts in their fields for door designs in different sizes and shapes for each material, and you can take advantage of the opportunities we have presented to you.

Metal Masjid/Mosque Door

Metal mosque doors, which have a fascinating appearance, are often preferred from the past to the present, like wooden doors. Especially the copper mosque doors that we offer in our company manage to attract people’s attention due to both their decorations and their materials. Although metal mosque doors are especially decorative elements, they are also very popular in terms of functionality.


The metal mosque doors, which are specially inspected by our expert employees and come out of the masters, provide an artistic atmosphere to the environment, and make one think about the techniques and ornaments used in the past and what these ornaments say. By choosing our company, you can have metal doors designed with eye-catching ornaments and decorations specially for your mosque.

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Wooden Masjid/Mosque Door

Wooden Mosque doors are the most popular type of door used in mosques. Wooden mosque doors are frequently encountered today due to the decorations on the doors and the different advantages provided by the wooden material. In addition, wooden doors are of great importance because they create architectural harmony.


Good research should be done when choosing a mosque wooden door design. Thanks to the variety of trees, wooden doors are selected based on the climate and characteristics of the area. Our company offers suitable products made with fine workmanship after a detailed examination of mosques.

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The Price of Mosque Door

Mosque door prices vary according to the pattern of the doors and the various materials used while making the doors. While making mosque doors, different details are taken care of. Especially when the wooden mosque doors are taken into consideration, it is noticed that different tree species are used for the construction of mosque doors.

When wooden doors are preferred, a striking design is obtained by using different colors on the door. Doors with various verses or beautiful words on them have both spiritual and material advantages.

In order to benefit from the advantages of mosque doors, it is necessary to examine the area specifically and to have detailed information about the material. Choosing mosque doors that will not wear out over time and will not be damaged in the slightest problem with the masters working within our company will prevent you from having problems in the future or help you face fewer problems.

You can choose our company to benefit from the advantages of various doors and to continue your business with an expert team. You can contact us to get information about mosque door prices, and you can create a striking space with special glasses.