Why is There a Dome on a Mosque?

The application of the dome in mosque architecture is as effective as the invention of the wheel in civilization. Contrary to popular belief, in early Islamic architecture, mosques were built with flatter roofs to cover the body of the mosque.

Why is There a Dome on a Mosque?

While there are new construction technologies, is the dome we see necessary for every mosque built today? Definitely yes.

Although there is no concept of a dome in early architecture, today, Islamic mosques and mosques are known for their large and gigantic domes.

Although the concept of dome is used in many architectural designs, it is possible to state that domes are important architectural structures that stand out especially in mosques.

What is a Dome Used for in a Mosque?

• We know that domes are roofs. In this way, it is normal to protect the mosque from adverse events such as rain and snow coming from outside.
• Dome is a shield against cold and heat with its roof quality.
• The dome gives a larger sanctuary atmosphere inside the mosque with its wide structure. It gives a very nice feeling.
• An authentic atmosphere is captured in the mosque with the art of calligraphy that will be skillfully embroidered on the inside of the dome.
• With the mosque, the voice of the imam can be more loudly and beautifully dispersed into the mosque. Architectural design is very important here.

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