Ablution Fountain

Ablution Fountain

The ablution fountain in a mosque is a place for ablution, generally located in the middle of mosque courtyards, surrounded by taps and a fountain in the middle. Like mosques, the upper part of the fountain is built in a domed form. The fountains, which are defined as places for ablution, can be found in a single row or around a building.

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Mosque Ablution Fountain

Other Names of Mosque Fountain

Mosque fountain can be pronounced differently in different cultures.
Mainly these are:

  • Ablution Fountain,
  • Mosque Fountain,
  • Shadirvan vs.

Ablution Fountain

The pool, located in the middle of the fountains in each mosque, is covered with an aesthetic dome cover to adapt to the mosques. This dome is carried by shaped columns surrounding the fountain. There are taps under the eaves, which are built as a hexagonal or octagonal structure. Making ablution is made easier by using the seats in front of the taps.In the mosque architecture of the Ottoman period, fountains are among the essential elements. At the same time, the large cypress next to the fountain is a complementary element to the fountain. The calligraphy, carving, and marble workmanship on the fountains inform how the architecture has developed.

What Is The Purpose of Ablution Fountain in Mosque?

The most important function of the fountains in every mosque is to make ablution before praying in the mosque. Fountains are located next to mosques or generally in the middle of mosque courtyards. These fountains offer people the opportunity to make ablution.

Apart from this, fountains can also be used to meet the need for drinking water. The water flowing from the fountains is clean and drinkable. In this way, it is possible to mix both drinking water and ablution needs from these fountains. The fountains with different patterns and shapes also add richness to the mosque in terms of appearance.

Art that reminds of a visual elegance both in the fountains and inside the mosque: Mosque Calligraphy

What Are The Types of  Ablution Fountains?

Ablution fountains are structures that were built both to benefit from water and to create an aesthetic appearance inside the mosque. In addition to mosques, it is possible to come across fountains in madrasas, inns, and squares. While the embroideries on the fountains provide a different appearance, this purpose can also be achieved by changing the types of fountains.

The fountains are examined in two groups, according to their location and plan features. According to their location, fountains are built together with a building. Mosque and square fountains can be given as examples of these fountains. According to their plan features, fountains are polygonal or circular-shaped fountains.

What Are The Basic Parts of  Ablution Fountains?

The fountains, which are considered an architectural element, have different appearances according to the group they are in. Fountains can be evaluated in different ways. For this reason, it is of great importance to look at the characteristics of the building and the way it is evaluated before having a fountain built.

Fountains are evaluated according to their location and plan features. After this stage, the shapes of the fountains are decided. Different fountains attract attention with their shapes. Thanks to the variety of shapes, the spaces look different and special. The fountains are divided into four according to their shapes:

  1. Fountains consisting of a pool
  2. Fountains the upper cover of which is placed at the corners of the pool and carried by columns
  3. Baldaken-style fountains
  4. Individual fountains

The first example of the fountain is located in the front courtyard of the Umayyad palaces. Baldaken planned fountain is covered with a dome and consists of a square pool. This fountain is considered the first example of a fountain in Islamic architecture. The oldest known example of a fountain in Anatolia is the octagonal fountain built in Harra Ulu Mosque.

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