Mosque Carpet Turkey

We can say that Turkey, which is one of the ancient centers of mosque culture in the world, has an enormous mosque construction experience.

The mosque culture, which sprouted with the Seljuks for ten centuries and reached its peak with the Ottomans, fascinates people with its fascinating works in the last century with the influence of technology.

Every part of the Turkish-Islamic mosque civilization is special. Carpets, on the other hand, are seen as a reward for service to the public and the most perfect ones are used.
You can see this unique Turkish mosque carpet culture in thousands of great mosques from Ayasofya to Sultan Ahmed(Blue Mosque).

Turkish mosque carpets, which have made a name for themselves with their hand-woven fabrics for centuries, are now exported to the world with the latest technological machines and superior R&D facilities, attracting all attention.

While walking on a soft carpet in a mosque from England to Dubai, do not forget that you are walking on a Turkish mosque carpet made from the famous Turkish wool.

The mosque carpet, which contains different yarn types, superior production technologies and traces of an ancient civilization, will impress you with its Turkish signature.

Carpets produced for you in Turkey will reach you in the most economical and fastest way thanks to its geographically central location in the world.

You can see Turkish mosque carpets in hundreds of colors and models on our site.
At the same time, if you want to read technical information before buying a mosque carpet, we have prepared a wonderful article for you.

If you contact us via whatsapp for the price of the Turkish mosque carpet model you have chosen from our site, our expert team will offer you the most reasonable price, taking into account the dimensions of your mosque.


Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Acrylic (2.Quality Rope) 2.3 kg 10 mm 300.000 17,00 $
Acrylic 2.5 kg 10 mm 400.000 23,00 $
Acrylic 2.7 kg 11 mm 436.000 27,00 $
Acrylic 2.9 kg 12 mm 474.600 30,00 $
Acrylic 3.2 kg 12 mm 513.600 31,00 $
Acrylic 3.5 kg 13 mm 625.000 33,00 $
Acrylic 3.75 kg 13 mm 590.400 35,00 $
Acrylic 4 kg 14 mm 768.000 36,00 $
Acrylic 4.25 kg 14 mm 806.400 38,00 $
Acrylic 4.5 kg 14 mm 960.000 42,00 $
Acrylic 5 kg 14 mm 1.075.000 44,00 $
Acrylic 5.4 kg 14 mm 1.150.000 47,00 $
Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Luxurious Quality 4 Kg 15-16 mm 332.800 32,00 $
Luxurious Quality 4.5 Kg 15-16 mm 353.000 34,00 $
Luxurious Quality 5 Kg 16-17 mm 380.000 36,00 $
Luxury Quality (Zealand Yarn) 5 Kg  16-17 mm  380.000 50,00 $
Naturel 4 Kg 12-13 mm 358.400 32,00 $
Naturel 4.5 Kg 15-16 mm 345.600 34,00 $
Naturel 5 Kg 16-17 mm 396.800 36,00 $
Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Polypropylene 1,7 Kg 10,00 $
Polypropylene 2 Kg 12,00 $
Polypropylene 2.2 Kg 13,00 $
Polypropylene 2.5 Kg 15,00 $
NOTE : Our prices are Turkey Factory Delivery Price.
If Felt Under the Carpet is requested, the price per m2 is $2,0.
*Pricing in this table is constantly changing due to raw materials etc. Request a special offer for current pricing.