Mosque Window and Design Shapes

Mosque Windows
They are of great importance in the construction of mosques. These carrier elements are built by leaving gaps. Mosque windows are of great importance in the correct and useful lighting of a place. Ventilating and lighting a large space is no easy task. East is established with techniques and stages. In order for a place to have air circulation correctly, it must be designed by going through architectural technical experiences. At this point, the material used is also of great importance. The aesthetic value of an element is as important as its function.
When we look at the windows used in mosques in the Ottoman period, it is impossible not to be impressed. It is very impressive when you see the stained glass used in the overhead windows. Knowing the construction technique of these windows, which requires mastery, requires a good knowledge and skill. Various patterns can be created with drywall on these windows. These windows can be made in different styles according to the period and architecture.
Types of Mosque Windows
Under this heading, we will discuss the types of mosque windows. There are different types of mosque windows according to the construction technique and period.
concrete windows; The plaster on the lower part takes on the task of protecting the window. This element, which is designed in the shape of a half moon, is used as an outer cover. It protects the window in the interior against bad weather conditions and prevents it from entering. It is created with aesthetic concern just to let the daylight inside. The interior of this window type, which is designed in half-moon or different forms, is also shaped with different motifs. It is uniform and simpler than other window types. You can reach the construction stages, techniques and images on our page.
stained glass windows; They are also known as gypsum stained glass windows. It is designed by applying plant and flower motifs with different colors during the making of the glass. Later, harmony is added to this glass with different embroideries with plaster material. When you follow the entrance of the incoming light, it leaves a very impressive visual inside.
Museum window; This type of window turns into a visual feast with different designs applied both inside and outside. It is a type of window that fascinates people who see it with its construction technique and mastery. In order to apply this technique, it is necessary to be a master in the field. We design and apply it to the mosque section you want in accordance with this construction technique and visuals.
Elvan window; It is a simpler and more effective window type than other windows. It creates a visual play of light inside with plaster forms applied on glass. This type of window, which has been used since ancient times, is also known as an embroidered window.
round window; Some of these windows, which are designed in the form of a circle, vary depending on whether there is a line inside or not.
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Mosque Windows Prices
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