Turnkey Mosque Construction

The site, which is experienced in covering domes, fountains and minarets, offers special services to mosques with the understanding of a professional team. The company, which attaches importance to experience and experience in the mosque foreman category, serves under the supervision of competent masters. The site is known throughout the country as it provides services to all provinces of Turkey without exception. Our customer service provides information on the planned project delivery mosque construction at any time.

Turnkey Mosque Construction

Covering the roofs of old tombs and inns, the team covers the old madrasa domes with metals such as copper, lead and aluminum. It is important to carry out the coating process with safe methods in order to prevent the damage caused by water leaks. Special workmanship and quality metal selection is carried out for each dome, minaret and cupola.

First Class Solution in Craftsmanship

The company consists of masters who have served in this business for years and have reached the necessary experience. Every day, masters include new generation methods in this category in their service program. The company, which has grown from the ground up and set out with the experts of the business, has information about all types of domes. The first important issue is the use of domes for a long time and at the same time preserving their aesthetic structure. For the team, customer satisfaction is the main topic of the service program. Mosque construction with a planned project is an important subject that requires expertise in this category.

Mosques where Muslims consult about worldly and hereafter affairs and pray five times a day deserve the best. In the construction of mosques, the congregation prefers the best. In addition to materials, workmanship is also considered as an extremely important issue. The trust, quality and professional workmanship sought by the mosque community are included in the service program of the company. It is the working principle of the company to work with the competent and to do the best by giving the necessary value to the house of Allah. Expertise is also required in matters such as mosque construction with planned projects.

Quality and Useful Material

Experience and experience is one of the most important features of the company. In addition to professional workmanship, the quality of the materials used is also extremely important. If the material is of poor quality, the workmanship has no value. With this awareness, the company prioritizes reliability and quality in material selection.

The team, which shapes copper, lead and aluminum materials like works of art and performs the assembly process in the most beautiful way, works in a planned manner. We continue to work with professionals in all categories from the project stage to the completion stage. No one is a novice or does not know the job in our team.

Creating a Work Plan

As in every job, the exploration process is carried out at the place where the coating will be made. The company examines the general features of the mosque to be coated with its experienced staff.

While examining;

* The height of the place to be coated,

* The width of the area to be coated,

* Which material should be covered,

* Determines the coating fee.

* Creation and planning of the study project.

In order to cover the mosque dome, fountain, minaret and similar places in a professional manner, the appraisal service is evaluated at the first stage. With the expertise service, the problems that may arise during the coating process are fully resolved.

Quality and Reliable

The company, which has been serving for years and producing solutions for the last 5 years as a company, has become the name of trust and quality in the market. The quality of service provided by the personnel working in the service shows that the company is competent. The coatings, which do not undergo any corrosion in summer and winter months, do not rust or deform visually. The underlying issue of the company’s service quality is professionalism. In addition to being fast, the quality of the service is also important. Adhering to the project, all necessary repair, maintenance and assembly processes are carried out by the expert team in a rapid manner.