Mosque Carpet Price in UAE

If a carpet is to be chosen for a mosque in a country that hosts the world’s few largest mosques with its legendary woven carpet, of course, it is necessary to be very meticulous.

Yes, we are talking about the United Arab Emirates. A country with huge mosques. And the great civilization where mosques were embroidered with Islamic motifs.
While decorating this great civilization with mosques, of course, great importance will have to be attached to the mosque carpet. Covering a mosque designed with a magnificent architecture with a poor quality carpet will damage the work. In fact, it is essential to cover such mosques with non-flammable and soundproof mosque carpets.

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If you want to learn about mosque carpets before choosing a product from our site, a long and high quality article is waiting for you. We strongly recommend that you read this article before researching mosque carpets.

When you search for the price of this carpet during the purchase of a mosque carpet in the UAE, you will see very different numbers. As we mentioned in our article above, a product with hundreds of options will have very different prices.
We have prepared a very nice and explanatory article so that you do not get confused when buying a mosque carpet. We strongly recommend that you read this article, where you can clearly see the criteria for pricing.


Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Acrylic (2.Quality Rope) 2.3 kg 10 mm 300.000 17,00 $
Acrylic 2.5 kg 10 mm 400.000 23,00 $
Acrylic 2.7 kg 11 mm 436.000 27,00 $
Acrylic 2.9 kg 12 mm 474.600 30,00 $
Acrylic 3.2 kg 12 mm 513.600 31,00 $
Acrylic 3.5 kg 13 mm 625.000 33,00 $
Acrylic 3.75 kg 13 mm 590.400 35,00 $
Acrylic 4 kg 14 mm 768.000 36,00 $
Acrylic 4.25 kg 14 mm 806.400 38,00 $
Acrylic 4.5 kg 14 mm 960.000 42,00 $
Acrylic 5 kg 14 mm 1.075.000 44,00 $
Acrylic 5.4 kg 14 mm 1.150.000 47,00 $
Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Luxurious Quality 4 Kg 15-16 mm 332.800 32,00 $
Luxurious Quality 4.5 Kg 15-16 mm 353.000 34,00 $
Luxurious Quality 5 Kg 16-17 mm 380.000 36,00 $
Luxury Quality (Zealand Yarn) 5 Kg  16-17 mm  380.000 50,00 $
Naturel 4 Kg 12-13 mm 358.400 32,00 $
Naturel 4.5 Kg 15-16 mm 345.600 34,00 $
Naturel 5 Kg 16-17 mm 396.800 36,00 $
Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Polypropylene 1,7 Kg 10,00 $
Polypropylene 2 Kg 12,00 $
Polypropylene 2.2 Kg 13,00 $
Polypropylene 2.5 Kg 15,00 $
NOTE : Our prices are Turkey Factory Delivery Price.
If Felt Under the Carpet is requested, the price per m2 is $2,0.
*Pricing in this table is constantly changing due to raw materials etc. Request a special offer for current pricing.

Our mosque carpets, which are produced with the latest technology machines from the highest quality yarn, are the work of a superior R&D accumulation and a deep historical experience.
If you wish, we can also share with you our documents regarding the quality standards related to our carpets.
As a result of the special mosque carpet production process, where you can get information at every stage, we send the mosque carpet to the United Arab Emirates with the most reasonable transportation route.

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