Mosque Carpet For Sale

Looking for Mosque Carpets for Sale?

Mosque carpets are prepared with varying design features. These design details are models that help the congregation to take part more comfortably in the meeting, while also helping to keep it more often.

Mosque Carpet For Sale
We know that you are tired with complex and long articles about mosque carpet prices in many places.

Let us briefly list the factors in the pricing of mosque carpets:

Mosque Carpet Yarn Type

This should be the first and foremost choice. Yarn is the essence of the carpet, each type of yarn adds a different structure and richness of color to the carpet. Each yarn has its own characteristics and it is necessary to choose according to the right area in order for the yarns to exhibit their unique properties in the best way. The most important determinant of price is yarn type and quality.

What yarn raw material should you use for the mosque carpet? Wool, acrylic, polyamide, polypropylene, Polyester.

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Let’s repeat: The most important determinant of price in mosque carpets is yarn type and quality. This choice will significantly affect your payment schedule.

Yarn Density of Mosque the Carpet

Another important criterion in the carpet is the yarn density in the carpet. The more frequently a carpet is woven, the more durable it is. Carpets up to 100,000 knots per square meter are called coarse, 100,000-200,000 medium, 200,000-600,000 fine, and more than 600,000 knots very fine.

We will present this information to you one by one for each product you choose from our site.

Do not forget that the stitch density increases the quality of the mosque carpet.

Mosque Carpet Weight

The unit weight will vary depending on the type of yarn used and the number of stitches. We would like to say that the general opinion is that as the weight increases, the quality will increase in the price.

Since a tightly woven carpet will be heavier than the others, it will slide more difficult on the floor, but if you are going to buy a carpet with a low weaving density, you should make sure that it has a non-slip sole feature.

Pile Height

The pile height of the carpet is another factor that determines the quality and price. The feel of your carpet varies according to the pile height, but the main thing here is not how high the pile is, but the selection of the most suitable height according to the usage area.

Thermal Insulation Feature

Considering that mosques are very large areas, the importance of thermal insulation becomes evident once again. You can look for the thermal insulation feature in the carpet you will buy. Of course, this will increase the overall price.

Sound Insulation Feature

It should be noted that the noises that people make, especially when moving, in large and constantly worshiped places, break the general silence in the mosque. An important detail for mosques with high density. You may not find this feature in every mosque carpet. If you are meticulous about sound, this option will cost you extra.

Non-Flammable Feature

You can search for non-flammability or non-flammability feature for mosque carpets belonging to some yarn types. In many countries, this feature is mandatory for carpets used in areas such as mosques and hotels. You should definitely allocate some resources from your budget for this important feature.Although there are more extra features, these are the general factors for the prices of mosque carpets.

In general, we would like to state that the price for mosque carpets is between $ 30 and $ 100 per square meter. It is possible to buy carpets at more expensive prices from companies that have become brands in the field, as well as falling below these figures for very poor quality products.

So how much will we budget?

As explained in detail above, there are many factors affecting the prices of mosque carpets. We can say from the beginning that you need to do a lot of research while allocating a budget for mosque carpets. Mosque Build offers consultancy services that will make your job much easier in this regard.


ProductM2 / GrPile HeightNumber of StitchesM2 Price
Acrylic (2.Quality Rope)2.3 kg10 mm300.00017,00 $
Acrylic2.5 kg10 mm400.00023,00 $
Acrylic2.7 kg11 mm436.00027,00 $
Acrylic2.9 kg12 mm474.60030,00 $
Acrylic3.2 kg12 mm513.60031,00 $
Acrylic3.5 kg13 mm625.00033,00 $
Acrylic3.75 kg13 mm590.40035,00 $
Acrylic4 kg14 mm768.00036,00 $
Acrylic4.25 kg14 mm806.40038,00 $
Acrylic4.5 kg14 mm960.00042,00 $
Acrylic5 kg14 mm1.075.00044,00 $
Acrylic5.4 kg14 mm1.150.00047,00 $
ProductM2 / GrPile HeightNumber of StitchesM2 Price
Luxurious Quality4 Kg15-16 mm332.80032,00 $
Luxurious Quality4.5 Kg15-16 mm353.00034,00 $
Luxurious Quality5 Kg16-17 mm380.00036,00 $
Luxury Quality (Zealand Yarn)5 Kg 16-17 mm 380.00050,00 $
Naturel4 Kg12-13 mm358.40032,00 $
Naturel4.5 Kg15-16 mm345.60034,00 $
Naturel5 Kg16-17 mm396.80036,00 $
ProductM2 / GrPile HeightNumber of StitchesM2 Price
Polypropylene1,7 Kg10,00 $
Polypropylene2 Kg12,00 $
Polypropylene2.2 Kg13,00 $
Polypropylene2.5 Kg15,00 $
NOTE : Our prices are Turkey Factory Delivery Price.
If Felt Under the Carpet is requested, the price per m2 is $2,0.
*Pricing in this table is constantly changing due to raw materials etc. Request a special offer for current pricing.

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