How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mosque in UK?

If you want to build a mosque in England, you are in the right place to guide you:

Estimating the cost of a mosque is actually a matter of your imagination.

The architecture of the mosque you want to build is the most important part of the cost. Will your mosque be in an Ottoman style, or will it be more sensibly modern architecture?

The knowledge of how many people will pray in your mosque will also directly affect your cost. The Muslim density in the geography where you want to build a mosque can help you make this decision.

park mosque drone

Our Park Mosque model can be designed as 170m2, 180 Men and 20 Women. Including a small mosque fountain, its estimated price is 550,000€-650,000€. The building height is 5.8 meters. If a wooden mosque of this size and features is considered, the estimated price is 450,000€-550000€. These prices are estimated values to give you an idea. These prices may differ at the time you read this article. Each mosque has a different story and a separate budget.

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Although the Ottoman style domes in mosques look very nice, they may be among the reasons that increase the cost in terms of construction technologies. It is useful to determine the number of domes accordingly.

Minarets are indispensable for mosques. Determining the number of minarets according to the size of the mosque to be built can reduce the cost*.

The arrangements inside the mosque are among the most important expenses of a construction. Do not forget that you need to work with experienced masters for a mosque to be equipped with calligraphy.

If you want to use tiles in the mosque, you should consider the cost increase according to the usage area. Considering that these tiles will not be available in England, transportation costs will also strain your general budget.

You will decide whether the windows used in the mosque you will build in England are normal or fresco windows. It is useful to know that the construction techniques of Fresco windows are very different.

The choice of pulpit and altar is also an important detail. Generally, marble work is used. There may be important artistic details on both the pulpit and the altar. You will establish the balance between visuality and economic budget.

You will need a fountain for your mosque. You have to decide between a historical and aesthetic fountain and a plain one.

You should know that there are many more construction cost options apart from the options we briefly mentioned above.

I would like to say that it is difficult to calculate the cost for a mosque to be built in England. Before you calculate this price, you need to determine well what kind of mosque you want to build.

How much does it cost to build a masjid in UK?

You can get the most reasonable cost price by sharing the mosque features you have determined with MosqueBuild via whatsapp.

You can ask us any questions about your mosque project or about the cost.

* It will be beneficial for you to consult with the local authorities of the place where the mosque will be built in England about the number and size of the mosque dome and minarets, and to obtain the necessary permits in general.