Muezzin  loge(Place) is an architectural element that is specially reserved for muezzins and is surrounded by a railing. Muezzin place makes it easier for muezzins to be seen and heard by everyone while reciting the call to prayer, reciting the iqama, and tasbihat.

mosque loge placeThis area, which is separated from the general part of the mosque by being surrounded by short railings, can be built with steps or a leaning ladder. This architectural element, which also has decorative art on its ceilings, draws people’s attention by creating a pleasant appearance in front of the pulpit.

Meticulously manufactured by masters, muezzin place models are designed to be long-lasting and useful.

The History of Muezzin Loge(Place)

The muezzin loge, which was built for the first time by the third caliph, Hz. Osman was first called maksure. This area, whose ground was raised and surrounded, continued to be used by other dynasties that dominated the Islamic world after the period of the four caliphs.

The earliest example of a muezzin loge in Anatolian Turkish architecture is seen in Divriği Kale Mosque. It is known that the mahfil in the mosque is wooden. Muezzin place, which became a tradition in Anatolia after a while and gained an important place today with its original form, has the oldest example in Divriği Ulucami.

Muezzin lodge continues to attract attention and add an aesthetic atmosphere to the mosque today. This architectural element, which has survived to the present day as a continuation of tradition, now makes the environment different according to the material used.

The Raw Materials in Muezzin Loge(Place)

The materials used in the making of muezzin place are preferred based on many features and combined with different decorative arts. Especially the materials used in the construction of the mosque and the style of the interior decorations play a role in the selection of the materials to be used for the muezzin place.

Each of the wooden and marble muezzin floor models produced in our company with the combination of our experience and efforts has different types of ornaments and material properties. Marble muezzin places, which are preferred to create a simple, modern, and wide area, are decorated with traditional methods and geometric shapes integrated as important symbols.

The aesthetic and remarkable appearance of the wooden material makes the area more intimate while creating a pleasant atmosphere in the environment. Our models, which surprise those who see them with various motifs, should be chosen by considering the architectural features and elements of the mosques.

Muezzin Place(Loge) Design

Muezzin place design is designed based on tradition in a way to achieve an aesthetic appearance in the mosque. Especially with the geometric ornaments, motifs, and gilded sections on the muezzin place, a very pleasant appearance is obtained.

In order to choose a suitable muezzin place in terms of both appearance and usefulness, it is necessary to have knowledge about the area where this architectural element will be used and the different elements in the area. In this way, an aesthetic atmosphere can be created while achieving harmony within the space.

Designed by masters, muezzin places creates a pleasant aura in the space.

Things to Consider in Choosing Muezzin Place(Loge)

There are many points to consider when choosing a muezzin place in a mosque. These points are listed below.

  • First of all, it is necessary to look at the architectural features and structure of the mosque to be placed in the muezzin place. The materials used, the size of the mosque, and the decoration technique of the different architectural elements inside should be effective in the selection of the muezzin place.
  • If the area of ​​the mosque is small, a very large or very high muezzin place should not be chosen. Otherwise, the space will appear smaller, narrower, and more suffocating.
  • The material used for the muezzin place is also very important. First, it is necessary to look at the construction technique of elements such as the mihrab, pulpit, and altar in order to ensure integrity within the mosque. If these elements are not readily available in the mosque, elements that are compatible with each other in terms of materials and ornaments should be selected from the beginning.
  • It should be considered what feeling the mosque evokes in people, and when choosing a muezzin place, attention should be paid to the material at this point. Muezzin places, which make an important contribution to mosques in terms of aesthetics, can also affect how people feel.

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