How Many Minarets does a Mosque Have? Is there a factor that determines the number of minarets? Here is the answer…

The number of minarets of a mosque is related to its architecture and the size of the mosque. In small masjid-style mosques, the minarets are usually integrated with the masjid, while the minaret is built separately from the mosque when the dimensions of the mosque get a little larger.How Many Minarets does a Mosque Have?

Which Mosque has the Most Minarets?

The number of minarets may increase in order not to spoil the aesthetic atmosphere of the mosques. In general, double minarets add an aesthetic atmosphere, while in very large mosques we can see four or even six minarets.

Sultan Ahmet (Blue) Mosque, the mosque with the most minarets in Turkey has fascinated people for centuries with its magnificent structure with its six minarets. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque maintains its feature of being the first six minaret mosque built in the Ottoman period.

A legend about the Sultan Ahmed Mosque having 6 minarets is as follows: “The sultan of the period, Ahmet I, wanted to have the minarets built of gold, but when the value of the gold to be used in the cladding exceeded the sultan’s budget, the architect of the mosque supposedly heard this order wrong and changed the word gold(Turkish: Altın) to six(Turkish: Altı). He built 6 minarets.”

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