What is a Minaret in a Mosque?

How Many Minarets does a Mosque Have?

Mosque Minaret

Minarets are structures built in mosques, which are of great importance for the religion of Islam, to inform the prayer times and to read the sala. The need to build minarets in mosques emerged when the technology was not yet available and a call to prayer was made in a high area.

With the expanding possibilities, major changes beğan to occur in the minarets. Developed by people who are masters in minaret construction, these minarets have gained a more aesthetic appearance as well as being stronger. Minaret construction continues to develop today.

Have you ever thought about why the minarets and balconies of mosques are different? This was related to the fact that the minarets and the number of balconies on the minarets gave some meanings. Start reading for interesting minaret information…

mosque minaret construction priceMosque Minaret Construction

Mosque minaret construction is developing quite rapidly as an ongoing structure. Until today, different minaret construction techniques have been found. These techniques can be determined according to the material the minaret is made of, as well as depending on the features and appearance of the minaret.

The most important element when building a minaret is to ensure that the minutes stand and remain intact for years without deformation. Our company works with masters who are experts in minaret construction and protects its customers from any accident and the like. We facilitate the solution of many problems with various tactics.

Have you ever thought about why the minarets and balconies of mosques are different? This was related to the fact that the minarets and the number of balconies on the minarets gave some meanings. For example, there are 16 balconies in Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The mosque was intended to be associated with Sultan Ahmed is being the 16th Sultan.
The 4 minarets in the Süleymaniye Mosque represent the sultans who came to the throne after the conquest of Istanbul.The 10 balconies on the minarets represent Suleiman the Magnificent being the 10th sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Today, the number of minarets and balconies is completely related to architectural integrity and visual elegance. As the mosque grows, the number of minarets is expected to increase.

Let’s briefly get to know the minaret types according to the building materials:

Wooden Minarets

Wooden minarets are among the minarets with a fascinating appearance. The wooden minarets, which dazzle with their craftsmanship and naturalness, were often preferred especially in the past. However, since the wooden minarets built are less durable than the minarets built in the present, many minarets have been demolished before they can survive.

It is very difficult to see examples of wooden minarets that are generally used in small mosques today. Wood, whose building material is not as durable as stone or brick, cannot be used for many years because it is not resistant to fire and water.

Our company works especially with personnel who are experts in their fields to prevent these situations. We increase the service life of minarets by using materials with high water and heat resistance.

By building the minarets separately from the mosque, we prevent cracks in the walls of the mosque over time. By choosing us, you can benefit from the long-term experience of our company and have durable minarets and mosques built.

Stone and Marble Minarets

Stone and marble minarets are more durable structures than wooden minarets. Stone minarets, which have been frequently preferred until today, are made based on various calculations due to the high weight of concrete. Various problems can be encountered if the calculations are made incorrectly or incompletely.

Different elements need to be considered during the construction of a minaret. A good master’s and good research are essential for quality craftsmanship. As a result of working with people who know the mosque, quality workmanship is revealed, while it is seen that double costs are made in mosques that are cheap.

Our company prevents extra costs with its affordable and experienced employees. You can choose our company to have minarets built in terms of durability and aesthetics. You can have the structure that fascinates people by choosing marble and stone minarets.

Two of the minarets of Selimiye Mosque have three stairs each. These minarets are in the northeast and northwest corners of the mosque courtyard. The stairs allow the muezzins, who will go up to three separate balconies, to climb up without hindering each other. Three people who will start climbing these stairs at the same time cannot see each other until they reach the top.

Steel Minarets

Our company, which works with experts in the field, prefers steel minarets to create a quality structure with less cost. By using steel in minarets that have a different spirituality, it can be ensured that eye-catching minarets can be built more comfortably at an affordable price.

The only reason why steel minarets are preferred is not that they are more affordable. Steel minarets also have a durable structure with long service life. When constructing minarets that require detailed workmanship and knowledge, it is of great importance whether the building is resistant to earthquakes and similar disasters. With steel, you can build minarets that are resistant to natural disasters and at affordable prices.

By choosing our company, you can prefer the construction of minarets in different metals and colors. You can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our team, which has been working in this business for many years, by contacting us.

New Generation Minarets

With the developing technology day by day, progress is observed in every field. The mosque construction sector also helps to create buildings easily and quickly by making use of technology. In particular, technology is used to build a quality and durable mosque.

The new generation minarets differ especially in shape. While traditional minarets are cylindrical, modern minarets can be said to be cubic or octagonal. In addition, thanks to the megaphone in modern minarets, the call to prayer is announced without the imam having to go to the balcony.

Our company offers convenience in daily life by building modern minarets that are compatible with mosques. You can benefit from our expert staff to build minarets that integrate with the building by adding a different aura to the environment.

Minaret Ornamentation

Minaret decorations are of great importance as they change the sense that the minaret adds to the area. Minaret decoration elements are also used to ensure harmony between the minaret and the mosque. The fact that the minarets are adorned and compatible with the mosque indicates that the building is a whole. In this way, a mosque that makes sense architecturally and is not disconnected is being built.

Our company creates eye-catching structures by paying particular attention to the harmony of mosques and minarets. The materials and methods used by our company, whose minarets are decorated, especially help to create a different lively space.

Tile Decorations

Tile decoration is preferred especially because designs can be created in different shapes and colors on minarets. Tiles, which have been used as decorative elements in many areas until today, gain meaning, especially in mosques.

Traditionally, tile art is used inside mosques. In addition, the art of tiles can be used in minarets to create harmony with mosques. Our company works with staff who are masters in tile craftsmanship, making the minarets that stand out with the best quality and solid workmanship.

Ceramic Ornaments

Ceramic is an important material preferred for minaret decoration. With elements that change from culture to culture, ornamentation gains meaning. Ceramic ornaments are also made to add color to mosques and minarets, to color and enliven the space.

Ceramic decorations are used to show the minarets more active. With ceramic ornaments, harmony between the buildings can be achieved and the buildings appear more magnificent.

Realms are the most dispensable elements in a mosque. It completes the minaret and evokes the mosque and Islam. You can read our mosque and realm article to reach our product page in dozens of different categories.

Especially by choosing our company, you can ensure that the most striking minarets and mosques are built, and you can have a mosque minaret that is both durable and aesthetically appropriate.

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