Mosque Minbar For Sale

You are building a new mosque or renovating your mosque!
Of course, you have many reasons to build a mosque where Muslims can pray in peace.

Of course, it would be very nice to be greeted with a spiritual atmosphere as soon as you enter the mosque door. For both Muslims who come for worship and guests who want to see mosque and mosque culture…

So where do we start to reflect that magnificent air?
One of the important points in the mosque in Islamic culture is the pulpit. This place, where the imam addressed the Muslims, has shown the magnificence and power of Islamic states for centuries. As a matter of fact, in the past, when a town was conquered by the Islamic state, first a sermon was read from the pulpit on behalf of the leader of that state.
For such reasons, great mosques have had minbars with aesthetics that fascinate people.
Today, although handicraft is not so much anymore, enormous pulpits are created with finely tuned machines.

Let’s come to the main question that is very curious: What is the cost of mosque pulpits?

Let’s continue with the questions:

– Is a mosque or masjid being built for the first time or is an existing mosque being renovated?
In both options, you need to send us the architectural design of your mosque. Having a harmony between the pulpit, the mihrab and the pulpit is very important for the decoration inside the mosque.

– What are the dimensions of the mosque? How many people can worship?
The sizing of the pulpit is somewhat related to the dimensions of the mosque. This affects the pricing of the pulpit. In fact, whether the minbar design will be for a mosque or a masjid is also important.

– What is the raw material considered for the mosque pulpit?
Marble, wood or tiles are generally used for mosques or masjids.
So what are the differences between them?
Including factors such as the place where you will build a mosque or masjid, the number of people you will worship, our experts will analyze it in detail and discuss it with you from a technical point of view.

– Which model did you like?
Please send us the product you like from the pulpit products section of our site.

In the light of this information, we will present you our economic offer for the mosque pulpit as soon as possible.

Things to Consider When Choosing Minbar:

  • Do not forget that the more handicrafts on the pulpit you choose, whether it is marble or wooden, the more it will cost.
  • Do not forget that the tree used in wood and the type of marble used in marble can also change the price.
  • Keep in mind that the workmanship in the construction of the pulpit will directly affect the life of the pulpit.
  • Do not forget that the gold varank application gives a very nice appearance in the marble pulpit application, but it also increases the costs.
  • There are many different types of china. This makes the price very different. And the world’s most beautiful tile products are produced in Turkey.

You can find more information on our mosque minbar page.

You can reach us quickly via our whatsapp line to ask questions about the mosque minbar and other mosque construction areas.