Mosque Mosaic

Mosque mosaics are among the design and design elements used in almost every mosque. According to some professors, the design element defined as arabesque is also a defining feature in all Islamic art. Arabesques show an endless expansion. The reason for this is that geometric copies have the feature of constantly increasing.

Mosaics, which can be used at every point of mosques, are used for decoration and to create a different environment. At the same time, it is possible to see that mosaics are used to create an aesthetic environment and to continue the traditions.

Wall Tiles For Mosque

The mosque mosaic is symbolically created to represent the absolute and complete unity of the creator. Through geometrically precise and infinite patterns, Islamic art expresses infinity and the perfection of the divine.

Arabesques are decorations that were invented in the 10th century and continue to be used in contemporary art. Known for being faithful to traditional aesthetics, mosaics are preferred to design dazzling spaces while creating a different environment.

Why Do We Use Mosque Mosaics?

There are different reasons for the use of Islamic mosaic art. Since mosaic art is an expression of belief, shapes and patterns have great symbolic importance. In addition to decoration, complex geometric patterns are used during the creation of mosaics that reflect important messages to people. In the field of mathematics, mosaics consisting of thousands of different pieces are obtained by making a special process in order to make every shape perfect.

These mosaics, which were formed differently from each other as a result of complex plans, were named “Girih” according to the architecture. Some of the complex patterns dating back to the Middle Ages contain geometrical information that can not be fully understood by mathematicians.

The Aesthetic of Mosque Mosaic

Mosque tiles design has taken the place of herbal art and saz style until a certain time in most Islamic architects. It is possible to come across mosaics in textiles as well as decorative objects in Arabesque manuscripts. While using the aesthetics of mosaics, it is possible to both remind the traditions and create a different atmosphere in the area.

Mosaics are among the elements that add color to mosques. The different works in the mosque also value the area aesthetically and spiritually. Our company places mosaics in a different and meaningful way. You can decorate your mosque with masterful workmanship by choosing our company for mosaics applied to add aesthetic value to the environment.

Mosaics in the Visual Arts

Mosaics, which are used to decorate mosques and represent the eternity of the creator, allow great changes to occur in both aesthetic and structural mosques. The use of mosaics, which create a relaxing and pleasant appearance in the building in the artistic sense, is quite common.

The employees of our company successfully complete the process of choosing and creating mosaics for the mosque, allowing people to make sense of it. By choosing our company, you can benefit from our professionally working company.

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