We know that some of the mosques are all made with wood at past. Wooden mosques were a preference on architecture of Islam mosque throughout long years because of being economic and fast solutions.

wooden mosque productWooden Mosque

The great damage of wooden mosques in fires caused wooden mosques to be replaced by more durable mosque models over time. But we can see woodworking furniture that is used a lot of place in mosques.

Motifs and similar processes of woodwork used in places such as doors, pulpits, lecterns and altars are made with modern technologies. As a result of using modern technology, our staff create very elegant and stylish images. At the same time, Mosquebuild that produces durable woodwork, reveal elegant and eye-pleasing structurs similar to the handwork in the past.

It is possible for you to create wooden mosques or wooden furnitures by taking advantage of the experienced and skillful staff of our well-informed company.

The Place Of Wooden Mosque In Islamic Architecture

Wooden mosques in Anatolia testify to an important place in the history of Turkish architecture. These mosques also organize the largest surviving group of middle-age wooden mosques. In most of the wooden mosque, wooden columns is used. These columns made the mosques plentiful and widespread.

The absence of wooden columns from middle-age Islamic building is particularly attractive because of the round timbers. Round timbers, are perfectly adapted to building the type of hypostyle mosque that dominated Islam’s first few centuries.

You can continue this middle-age tradition by building a wooden mosque that has artistic and sumptuous parts.

Precedents To The Wooden Masjid In Anatolia

Wooden masjid has many practical and spatial advantages. Usage of wood at masjids, help to the construction and evaluate of the areas. Thank to wooden construction, it is possible to create more beautiful and eye-catching areas.  had the sanction of an impeccable precedent. The wood that has short lengths of unsquared round timbers that ran through the depth of the wall.

Wooden columns become the norm in the construction of new hypostyle of mosques. You can also help to protect the history and by building a mosque at a place that you like or want. Mosque build help people to offer better works than they want.

Wooden Mosque Furnitures

Mosque furniture is one of the things that adds value to the mosques. It is possible to turn the atmosphere into an aesthetically magical atmosphere by using wooden furniture.

Today; partly windows, altar, pulpit, preaching platform and muezzin’s chamber still presents us with an aesthetically magical atmosphere. Also, doors are the places that still slack in big buildings. We can see that the door choice of many large mosques is still wood.

The most beautiful examples of woodworking are seen in mosque lectern. Wooden mosque lectern has been an unshakable element of Islamic culture and the Muslim personality system for centuries. We can see the unique works and woodworking in this kind of lecterns.

With our expert staff who are knowledgeable about woodworking, you can have a mosque built anywhere you want with a quickly and easily.

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