Mosque Carpet UK

In England, where the number of Muslims is increasing day by day, there has been a significant increase in the number of mosques and masjids in recent years. With the contributions of Islamic charitable organizations, we are now starting to see very beautiful mosques in England.

Every element of a mosque attracts attention in itself. However, a mosque carpet is a completely different thing that beautifies the place where one prays. A soft touch and a bright image will surely please the worshipers and the visitors of the mosque.

So, how will we do our quality and economical shopping while buying mosque carpets in England?

Of course, you will not find a better consultant than Mosque Build. Meet with us, share the dimensions and pictures of your mosque. Then like the product on our site. There are so many types of products on our site that we are sure you will be confused. There will definitely be a product that you love among the colorful patterned mosque carpets.

We will always advise you on many options, including yarn selection, in mosque carpets. Never forget this. But if you want to read detailed information about mosque carpets, this article is for you.

Everything is going well, but the most important part of the trade seems to be that the product you buy is economical. In this regard, we help you as much as we can. Plenty of options and the most economical mosque carpets are waiting for you on our site.

We wrote a very good article about the pricing process of mosque carpets. Definitely recommend reading it.

As we explained above, my Muslim brother in England, our trade is very transparent. From the moment we meet, until you lay the mosque carpet in the mosque in England, you will always find the strong Mosque Build by your side in a transparent manner.

We have regular meetings with you. You can get information at every stage of the trade. We even host you in Turkey, our production base, and you can watch the production process of the mosque carpet live.
Due to Turkey’s logistics superiority, the mosque carpet will reach England in the shortest and most economical conditions.

Our expert team will lay our carpet in your mosque.

And finally, we will always remain friends with you…

We are as close as a whatsapp line for anything you want to ask about mosque construction and products, including mosque carpets. Please feel free to meet us or ask questions.

There will always be a smiling and expert Mosque Build employee in front of you.


Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Acrylic (2.Quality Rope) 2.3 kg 10 mm 300.000 17,00 $
Acrylic 2.5 kg 10 mm 400.000 23,00 $
Acrylic 2.7 kg 11 mm 436.000 27,00 $
Acrylic 2.9 kg 12 mm 474.600 30,00 $
Acrylic 3.2 kg 12 mm 513.600 31,00 $
Acrylic 3.5 kg 13 mm 625.000 33,00 $
Acrylic 3.75 kg 13 mm 590.400 35,00 $
Acrylic 4 kg 14 mm 768.000 36,00 $
Acrylic 4.25 kg 14 mm 806.400 38,00 $
Acrylic 4.5 kg 14 mm 960.000 42,00 $
Acrylic 5 kg 14 mm 1.075.000 44,00 $
Acrylic 5.4 kg 14 mm 1.150.000 47,00 $
Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Luxurious Quality 4 Kg 15-16 mm 332.800 32,00 $
Luxurious Quality 4.5 Kg 15-16 mm 353.000 34,00 $
Luxurious Quality 5 Kg 16-17 mm 380.000 36,00 $
Luxury Quality (Zealand Yarn) 5 Kg  16-17 mm  380.000 50,00 $
Naturel 4 Kg 12-13 mm 358.400 32,00 $
Naturel 4.5 Kg 15-16 mm 345.600 34,00 $
Naturel 5 Kg 16-17 mm 396.800 36,00 $
Product M2 / Gr Pile Height Number of Stitches M2 Price
Polypropylene 1,7 Kg 10,00 $
Polypropylene 2 Kg 12,00 $
Polypropylene 2.2 Kg 13,00 $
Polypropylene 2.5 Kg 15,00 $
NOTE : Our prices are Turkey Factory Delivery Price.
If Felt Under the Carpet is requested, the price per m2 is $2,0.
*Pricing in this table is constantly changing due to raw materials etc. Request a special offer for current pricing.