Mosque Decoration Inside

Mosque interior decoration in mosques especially impresses people. For this reason, particular attention is paid to the use of different elements when interior designs are made in mosques. The most known elements used are calligraphy and tile art.

The calligraphy and tile-like arts used on the walls of the mosque ensure the continuation of the traditions. You can create an area that has never been seen before with calligraphy and tile art, which have different varieties, and you can design your mosque with experts by choosing our company.

Mosque Wall Decoration

Mosque wall decoration is used for making the place modern. While decorating mosques in many parts of the world, some historical decorative arts are used. These decorations, which are especially preferred on the walls of the mosques, help create an ambiance in the mosque and help make the space look more elegant.

The design of mosques and masjids is of great importance because the mosques, which are designed as stylish and modern, affect people more. It also makes people feel more comfortable with wall decorations that help mosques and masjids look more spacious.

You can design the interior of the mosque in a spacious way by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by our company and fascinate people with the art elements from the past to the present.

Artistic Breeze on the Walls: Mosque Tiles

Decorations in mosques have been done as a tradition for many years, as well as to make the environment look pleasant. There are special methods used especially in the decorations on the walls. The most important wall decoration element is tile.

Tiles, which have been used in many areas for many years, have a special place in mosques. The tiles, which are made in different areas from the walls, not only add an artistic atmosphere to the environment due to their artistic nature but also provide a more authentic appearance.

Traditions on the Walls: Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a preferred art form for mosque decorations from past to present. The art of calligraphy specially made by people trained in a master-apprentice relationship helps people in mosques to turn to good morals.

Various methods are used in calligraphy. The words in the Qur’an are included in calligraphy, which is defined as the art of beautiful writing. With our company, you can have a special design for your mosque with our expert teams.

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