Mosque Interior Decoration

Mosque interior decoration provides people to feel the spirit of worship. While decorating the interior of the mosque, certain elements can be used to make people feel more comfortable. In addition, it helps to create a different ambiance in the mosque by using calligraphy, tile, and wood art used for decoration.

For more modern and stylish mosques, you can use calligraphy and wood-like decoration elements used in mosque interior design. You can benefit from the most professional services for mosque decoration with our company, which works with experienced staff who have gained experience by working for many years.

Ornamentation in the Interior of Mosque

Mosque decoration is used for a different function in each area. Ornamentation in mosques should have a meaning to express the culture and art style. Thus, it is ensured that the person harmonizes with the area that is in.

By using the interior decoration of the mosque, people also feel more comfortable and sincere. In this case, those who come can pray in peace. You can attract more people’s attention by paying attention to the decoration elements of the mosque.

Elements of the Mosque Decoration

Mosque decor may show differences in mosques. The application for decorating the interior of the mosque is quite similar because of the similarities of the decorative pattern. Somehow, the elements like calligraphy can create a different ambiance between mosques.

When examined, it is noteworthy that the patterns used in the interior design of the mosque are divided into three. These elements, which are defined as geometric, arabesque patterns, and calligraphy, are not only used in structures. It is possible to see these design elements on a flat surface as well as on structures.

However, it helps to create more artistic and enthusiastic spaces by transforming the motifs into the arch and column-like building elements. Other traditional art elements such as structural elements are also effective in giving the same effect.


Geometric decorative ornaments began to be used as a standard starting from the 7th and 8th centuries and after the 9th century. Geometric ornament, which is frequently used today, is among the most important Islamic ornaments.

The design obtained by complex transitions of simple polygons, stars, or irregular polygons into each other can be used in interior design as well as in the interior design of mosques. These shapes, which are obtained by repetition, transformation, and symmetry, have great importance in the Islamic context.


Arabesque decoration refers to a regularly dividing shape. New shapes are obtained by dividing a shape to form a second body. With Islamic art framing and similar styles, new and original designs are created within the mosque.

Since our company is an expert in mosque design, it can easily determine the most suitable design for the area. You can make more original and fascinating spaces by making use of our company, which has gained experience in mosque interior design.


Calligraphy is a mosque interior design resource that has been used for a long time. With its differentiable structure, a special and unique writing style can be found for each field. It can also express a message and make people think and move towards the good.

In order to express a definite meaning, the preferred design elements are calligraphy, inscriptions, hadiths, and quotations in mosques in general. There are different types of calligraphy as handwriting styles change.

It is very important to be careful while doing calligraphy. The reason for this is that the design may deteriorate in small errors. With our company, which works with experts in their fields, you can benefit from the interior design without encountering any problems and attract people’s attention to different mosques.

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