Masjid Decoration

masjid decoration

masjid decoration

Masjid decoration is very important because of making a first impression on people. Decorations that have been used in mosques and masjids since ancient times both help people to tend towards good morals and make the area look more elegant.

With our experienced and expert teams working within our company, you can have quality and nice-looking decorations for your mosque. With the experience of our company, you can decorate your masjid without encountering any problems.

masjid decorationWhy Do Muslims Decorate The Masjids?

Since ancient times, mosques have been designed by the Islamic method. The mosque’s decorations used for design purposes also have different meanings for Muslims. Although the masjid decoration was designed to remind people that they are in an environment of worship, it also helps to remind them of good.

A nice ambiance is created for those who visit the area with elements such as calligraphy, tile, and wood art used for the decoration of the mosque. There are different types of ornamentation for the interior side of a mosque.

You can catch a nice ambiance by using different decors and creating various places. You can also make your mosque a more popular environment with its different designs.

Ornamentation of a Masjid

Mosque decoration traditionally occupies a special place and helps mosques to have a different and pleasant appearance. While creating a different design with various design elements, you can also offer short advice to people.

Our company creates a special decoration for your mosque by working with expert teams in mosque construction and design. You can make mosques more stylish and modern with mosque decoration elements.

Decorative Segments in a Masjid

It is possible to create an original understanding of art with mosque decorations, which have an important place in Turkish-Islamic art. There are many types of art used to decorate mosques.

The most frequently used ones are tile art, calligraphy, and stained glass. However, mosque carpets can also be preferred as a kind of decoration element. Below are the most frequently used mosque design elements.

Masjid Carpet

Masjid carpets, which contain both traditional designs and shapes, are among the design elements that greatly affect the interior appearance of mosques. Carpets, which are determined in accordance with the density of the congregation and the dimensions of the area, help the mosque to appear larger or more spacious.

In carpets produced for mosques, attention is paid not only to yarn quality but also to patterns, shapes, and colors. Mosque carpets, which fifer from other carpets in this respect, are specially selected for your health.

Masjid carpets have varieties according to patterns. These varieties are preferred especially to show the space larger and brighter. You can choose us to benefit from the tips that will make your masjid look more beautiful.

Masjid Tiles Art

Tiles have been created with nice and different designs that people use as a means of expressing themselves in the interior design of the mosque. As a result of this situation, stylized motifs or intertwined patterns were used in tiles.

There are combinations of geometric designs and shapes when creating mosque tiles. However, a different and comforting image emerges. Geometric patterns on tiles are arranged with different designs by combining and intertwining. Islamic tile designs form four basic shapes:

  • Squares and polygons
  • Stars
  • Circles
  • Multisided polygons

Masjid Signs

Masjid signs are elements that complete the field. Signs expressing the importance of worshiping hold a special place in every mosque. With mosque signs, you can get a different decoration as well as give the environment a stylish look.

Masjid Calligraphy

Calligraphy, defined as an artistic application of handwriting, developed in strict accordance with the Qur’an. In Islamic calligraphy, texts in the Qur’an are included. In calligraphy, ornaments are made with flowers, leaves, braids, and similar types.

Calligraphy is preferred in every mosque because it is a valuable art form that suggests morally good. As an ornament, you can decorate a modern mosque with calligraphy, which creates a pleasant ambiance in mosques and masjids.

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