Structural Design of Mosque Minaret

Minaret and mosque designs generally change according to customers’ wishes and desires. Until today, different types of mosques and minarets have emerged. These structures, which fascinate those who see them with their functions and features, are specially designed according to the characteristics of the mosque and the area.

The structural design of a minaret also varies according to what the architect wants to tell people. Apart from this, the minaret must be technically correct in order for the minaret to remain intact and to prevent any bending in the shape of the minaret over time.

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Structural Design Elements in a Minaret

Minaret of mosque structure is made according to design elements. Some technical parts and materials are used in structural design. While designing the minaret, a striking mosque is built by considering the design elements. The basic elements taken into account in the construction of minarets are as follows;

  • Pulpit
  • Transition segment
  • Body
  • Balcony type and count
  • Upper part of the body
  • Spire
  • End ornament

The design of these parts, which are the elements of the minaret, changes people’s views. Especially the minarets, which are created by differentiating the body part, have a different appearance and meaning. The reason why these parts that add meaning to the minaret are design elements is that the design becomes different as a result of the change of these parts.

You can benefit from the design ideas of our company, o that the minarets, which are traditionally designed in the cylindrical form today, have a different meaning and evoke people with the mosque.

Modern Expression of Mosque Design Approach

Modern minaret styles used in contemporary mosques vary according to culture. For this reason, it is possible to encounter minarets of different styles and structures when passing from region to region. On the other hand, in contemporary mosques, two elements are given special attention due to modernity:

  • Opinionon of the clergy
  • Preservation of the traditional structure of mosques by architects

While these elements are provided, it is easier to meake minarets that are both modern and traditional. For this reason, special attention is paid to traditions, materials, use, and purpose in the design. Our company produces minarets that preserve both the modern and its essence, taking into account all the elements necessary for the construction of minarets. By choosing our company, you can have minarets that are compatible with your mosques.

Tradition and Modernity of the Minaret

The mosque minaret is built according to tradition and today’s needs. With modernity as contemporary mosques began to emerge, the structures began to be divided into different social classes. At the core of modern and contemporary mosques, clear symbolic messağes are given, while traditions are placed in the background.

With the increase of modern mosques, countless forms and decoration types are created. The region and the behavior of the people in the region are examined in order to make the mosques designed according to different styles and meanings to have certain meanings to people.

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Harmony Between Minaret and Mosque

The mosque and minaret are built in harmony since there are two structures with a semantic link. While modern mosques are being built, it is at the forefront that they make sense to people. Minarets, which are an important part of mosques, have many functions as complementary elements. The harmony between the mosque and the minarets can be determined according to the function or shape of the minaret.

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